CPAC March Madness Battle Report – IW v. Doritos

KLONDIKE-After the Nachos defeated ACP yesterday, all eyes were DCP and IW. For a full coverage of the event,  please read on..

So, who were the favourites to win? I went on xat and asked 20 people who weren’t in IW or DCP, “Who do you think will win in today’s round of the March Madness Tournament; DCP or IW?”. The results were as follows:

6 people said that DCP would win

12 people said that IW would win

2 people said it would be a tie

Judging on these numbers, IW looked like the favourites to win though this isn’t really strong enough proof to say that IW are the overall favourites for everyone. I decided to get some pre-battle thoughts from the IW and DCP leaders.



While I was judging the event I thought it would be a good idea to jot down some points and paramounts in the battle:

19:01– Both armies charge Forts. DCP J bomb the room while IW nearly form a complete circle around the room.

19:04– DCP move to town due to the Forts being full and some of their troops being locked out. IW do a “Where did they go?” tactic. IW stay in Forts.

19:07– So far, both armies have great tactics. DCP have 20 on CP whilst IW have 32.

19:15– Both armies charge Berg. DCP again have trouble with some of their troops being locked out, IW currently winning in size.

19:20– IWs tactics have fallen a bit but they are still winning in size with 30+ on CP.

19:30– Battle ends. DCP win in tactics but IW win in consistency and size, resulting in being the overall winner

My P.O.V/Opinion on the Battle- This battle wasn’t too much of a surprise as allot of people were expecting IW to win. Before the battle it really looked like DCP may get near the same size as IW but as soon as the battle started, they dropped in size and IW started getting bigger. At parts of the battle, IWs tactics were seamless but DCP kept their tactics up the best though DCP did go up and down in size and when they were beside a huge aray like IW getting 30+ they looked smaller than they actually were. Both armies had troops locked out of rooms, mainly DCP, however I honestly don’t think it would have made a big difference if they got in the room.




I decided to get a short interview with Albert, IW Leader about todays battle.

Interview with Albert, IW Leader



What’s your view on IWs performance and results today?

I think overall we had an awesome performance today.

Do you think the fact that some people were locked out of the rooms effected both of the armies sizes?

Well I thought it made a difference to DCP size but not so much on our sizes.

Before the battle did you have any worries that DCP might beat you or were you positive that you would win?

I’ll admit, I was a bit worried about our size at first, but I decided to stay positive throughout the whole battle even if we didn’t get the best sizes.

IW are known for winning tournaments, do you think IW will pull out another victory in the final?

I believe we will be ale to win in the final as long as we try our best at the upcoming events this week.

So did you expect the result of this battle, or did it surprise you? Let us know what YOU think about it in the comments below!

9 Responses

  1. You should report on the Nachos and ACP battle from yesterday considering how well both armies performed.


  2. @Puckley I think if they were to make a post about that it would be done by now. But I think they should make the post too! :mrgreen;


  3. ^ fail with the :mrgreen:


  4. It was an epic battle indeed. IW for first place.


  5. IW for the win.They deserved it, fair and square. Indeed a fair and worthy match up, left us wanting more. Heh. Something the Community enjoys, fair fightin’.


  6. lol dang… IW SUCKS!


  7. Ice warriors will definitely contend Nachos for the win, but if the nachos remain strong its gonna be a very tough fight in the final


  8. Ohmygodwhothehellcares


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