The Final Four Predictions

It is down to the Final Four. Who will Win? The Massive Ice Warriors or the prideful Doritos? The highly trained Army of Club penguin or the powerful Nachos? 

Army of club penguin vs. Nachos

Considering Wednesday’s practice battle between Army of club penguin vs. Nachos, the chances of Nachos winning the Club Penguin Army Central March Madness Tournament are great. Starting off with about 20 to 25 troops online, Army of club penguin started to lose size. The practice battle had started and Army of Club penguin had rushed into forts to attack the waiting and rather bored Nachos with sizes about 25 to 30. As the battle has started Army of Club penguin lost most of their size. Starting off with 24, they were battling the Nacho army with about 8 troops.

nachos vs acp

These sizes are embarrassing, considering the fact that it was not an unscheduled practice battle. This does not mean they will lose the tournament, but their chances of winning are rather slim. Ignoring the practice battle, the Army of Club penguin, like the Nachos army, have reached sizes to about 35 to 40.

March madness day 2 round 2 will be one unexpected and incredible event. With great sizes, tactics, and consistency, this event cannot be missed. Who will win? The strong and trained Army of club penguin or the powerful Nachos? Give us your opinion.

Ice Warriors vs. Doritos

In recent battles, both Ice Warriors and Doritos have reached 20-30 troops online, at their best. At their worst they get about 10-15 troops. The battle between Doritos and Ice Warriors will not be as intense as Army of Club Penguin against the Nachos army, but it will still be an unexpected battle.

Ice warriors

Ice Warriors had a recruiting session scheduled, but because of server confusion and slight changes, the leaders of Ice Warriors decided to turn it into a practice battle. Their tactics are well timed and well planned. The Ice Warriors have advantage of tactics, but do they have the advantage of size? Ice Warriors have a well rounded command system. Unlike the Doritos, the Ice Warriors can get their troops online and have them perform a tactic at the right time and the right way.


Doritos have about 10 to 20 average  people on chat ,but the leader of Doritos have a tough time getting all of their troops online and ready to battle. But, once they do have as much online, their sizes are great. Although sizes are great, the Doritos troops need improvement of their tactics. Nevertheless their disadvantage is tactics, Doritos may not have total advantage towards size either, but their training has improved. One may never know, the Doritos may show up with improvements.

This battle can go either way. With both armies having an advantage point, this battle will be unexpected. Who will win? Ice warriors with tactical advantage or Doritos with size advantage? Give us your opinion.

In other news

  • Pirates of club penguin are invading the colonies of Army of club penguin- Light Defenders, Watex warriors, and Miners. 
  • S.W.A.T invading servers- Adventure, Frostbite, Jackhammer, Ice age, and Canoe.
  • Retirement of Roberto
  • HSA on the rise.


11 Responses

  1. we will win


  2. My guess is nachos or acp for the win due to caps rise


  3. Acp I mean


  4. Join Miners @


  5. Nachos vs. ACP should be fun.


  6. I think ACP will win but it’ll be close. IW will hopefully win because I hate that Paco guy he’s such a noob!!!!!!!!!


  7. LOL
    “Highly Trained ACP”


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