Pirates Declare War on the RPF

As of March 10, 2013, the Club Penguin Pirate Army has officially declared war on the U.S.R.P.F.

Where’s the RPF been lately you may ask? They’ve been maintaining small-medium sizes for a few months now, but haven’t gotten much attention in the army world recently. The Pirates, however, have been showing the army world that they’re better than ever, getting sizes of 30+ in the tournament battle against the Nachos. This is a very questionable war, mainly because a reason for war wasn’t provided. The reason stated in Waterkid100’s declaration of war was as follows;

Kevin and Caliwar know the reason for this war.

But is that a valid reason for war? Or is Waterkid trying to start something bigger? Many also see this war as questionable because of the size difference. RPF has been struggling to max 10, whereas Pirates have been getting 20-25 more than them on average. Here are some pictures of both armies’ recent events.

As you can see, there is a great size difference between the two armies. But could an alliance form against one another, or is this war not large enough?

What do you think will happen? Who will win? Will the war last? Comment with your opinions.

9 Responses

  1. I was there during the conflict.


  2. .Here we go again, Water Declaring war on smaller armies to be the bully. What’s next, the concentration camps again?


  3. Its nothing to do with concentration camps retards


  4. It’s douches like Water that makes armies not fun anymore.


  5. As I wasn’t really allowed to make the pos opinionized, I’d like to add that it’s pretty pointless for Pirates to do something like this. There’s nothing to be achieve except trying to destroy an army that’s survived on the edge for years. And Cul, Pain didn’t nessecarilly ‘return’ but he was hired as an army Advisor.


  6. ha ha cry babies, so I cannot declare war on an army anymore in club penguin warfare? if you got a problem with me and Pirates, then try and kill us instead of crying in the comments. 🙂


  7. Small army alliance, woot!


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