Alfrondo Returns to DCP

Alfrondo, Former DCP leader, has returned to DCP, as new their new leader for the 4th time. Alfrondo is co-creator of the Doritos army. He ,along side Wwebestfan, lead the Doritos during its golden age. He led DCP into the top ten.  While Alfrondo was leader….


….sizes were great….


….activity level was at its greatest….


….tactics were great and so was consistency.

Alfrondo, like WweBestFan, is loved and respected by his troops.”He is a great, highly respected leader, I believe he will lead DCP to the top”, said by 13YearOldNoob ,Doritos leader. “He was one of the best”, said Bam117, former Doritos leader. “It was a pleasure leading with him”,  said Mustapha10, Doritos leader. I ,personally speaking, believe Doritos will rise under the control of Alfrondo. 


Interview with Alfrondo 

Me = Blue

Alfrondo = orange 

Me- Do you think Dortios will rise again?

Alfrondo- I do, they have proven to me for a while now since I left back in the earlier months that they do have full potential and capability of what they thought they did not. 

Me- Any plans for the near or far future?

Alfrondo-For this time around, I don’t have to worry about setting up government, or anything. While that’s a relief, I am in the process of setting up a regime and making Doritos doctrine.

Me- What do you think of the other leaders?

Alfrondo- They have done their best, and i am familiar with their leading skills. What i mean by familiar is that i have lead with them before and i know the way they work, so the leadership will not be an issue.

Me- Anything else you would like to say?

Alfrondo- We will rise and not stop this time. Get ready, especially during the summer, that is our best season.

Me- Thank you for your time. 


Interview with Mustapha10

Me = Blue

Mustapha10 = Orange

Me- So, what do you think of Alfrondo’s return?

Mustapha10- I think his return is good for dcp, because he’s a good leader when he puts his head into it.

Me- How do you feel about leading along side him?

Mustapha10- Great, I have worked along side him before, so i think we should work very well together.

Me- Do you think he will lead Doritos higher in the top ten?

Mustapha- I personally think we were going to be higher in the top ten even without Alfrondo, but he should make a posotive impact on the army. 

Me- Why do you think that?

Mustapha10- I think we are going to be higher in the top ten because we just got 22+ on Club penguin yesterday, and I think he will make a positive impact, because he always has, he’s a great leader.

Me- Thank you for your time.


What Alfrondo has done for the Doritos:

During Alfrondo’s leadership Doritos were number one in the Top Ten Armies. Doritos, at that time, were also defeating great armies, with fantastic sizes,  including Army of club penguin, Dark warriors, Underground mafia army, the nachos army, light troops, and Ice warriors. Alfrondo led the Doritos army during the massive war with Light troops. Doritos,during this time, achieved great sizes at scheduled and unscheduled events and all of this, under Alfrondo’s leadership.

He led dcp to the top once. Can he do it again? Give your opinion.


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  1. tooooooooo small plus grammar is derp


  2. HES FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!@!E(R


  3. rexeh is jelly


  4. OH MY GOD. WHO THE HELL CARESS! like derp


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