The Council Election — Results of Primaries

One hundred and forty one comments. Some seventy people have voted. And finally, we know who will be advancing from the primaries, and who has a 20% chance of being elected President of the CP Army Council.

There was a very interesting election process, with some clear front-runners who had been previously predicted, but also with some underdogs. Congratulations to the candidates who made it, and the best of consolations to those who did not — everyone should be commended for the campaigning they have done over the past two weeks. A shout out also to those campaign teams who, without, our five candidates would not be who they are. Firstly, here is a chart, depicting the elections. The chart is fairly self-explanatory, the bar above each candidate represents the amount of votes they received, and the five bars in green are the five candidates advancing past the primaries.

Note: All vote counting was done by the CPAC team and may be mistaken, if there are any discrepancies in our vote counting, we ask you to please point them out to us as soon as possible, as they will directly influence the election and its process.

results FINAL

(click to enlarge)

As you can see, Pie1350, Bluesockwa1, Mrgpv, Tanman626, and Antant98 will be advancing past the primaries. A full list encompassing all votes is below.

Pie1350- 31 total votes

Bluesockwa1- 49 total votes

Matthew94- 2 total votes

Shivertoe- 15 total votes

Shadowclub6- 13 total votes

Disney2011- 1 total vote

Superoo13- 6 total votes

Madhav2- 3 total votes

Weatherboy1- 11 total votes

Wenny123abc- 15 total votes

Vetsd- 9 total votes

Shad- 23 total votes

Kooldude247- 12 total votes

Mrgpv- 30 total votes

Tanman626- 37 total votes

Zafeer15- 0 total votes

Rex- 9 total votes

Redd Kool- 16 total votes

Pikachu- 6 total votes

Domfantastic- 12 total votes

Cul8rsl- 6 total votes

Flipper7706- 23 total votes

Cowboysfan13- 3 total votes

Antant98- 25 total votes

There may or may not be a debate in the near future, as many other events may interfere with such, but with or without a debate, the final election will be held very soon, will one candidate will be elected to President of the CP Army Council, and one to Vice President.

So, without further adieu, get campaigning!


CPA Central CEO

28 Responses

  1. 1st and go blue and tan


  2. go tan go tan blue f*cked us up to much


  3. Congrats to all who made it to the next round, and let’s have a good election.


  4. Mrgpv advanced? Shows how much of a popularity contest this is. That said, good job to those who advanced.


  5. Good luck to the finalists! May the best penguins win (:


  6. I thought you weren’t allowed to be in an army, yet Mrgpv is in UMA?


  7. Pie and Tanman are good
    Mrgpv hasn’t been very political (or done anything relevant at all) for like the past year
    Blue is good but it just seems wrong to have the cpac head be president of the council as well
    I only know Antantas that guy who tried to fake the flu




  9. Ant, Tan and Pie are my choices.


  10. Pie1350 : I don’t NO…
    Bluesockwa1 : Too much power, no.
    Mrgpv : Hell no
    Tanman626 : I don’t NO…
    I will not even share my opinion about antant, because nobody likes him and hes ugly and cheese doodles fell in his crapper/came out…


  11. Tanman ftw.


  12. Pie1530 all the way.


  13. I am a Rabbit.


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