Light Troops Take Icebox and Defend Ice Cold from Dark Warriors

The army, Light Troops recently played a little snazzy trick on, Dark Warriors to make this war even closer.

Hello CPAC, the army, Light Troops played a little tricky card on, Dark Warriors to make this war closer. While the LT where defending Ice Cold from Dark Warriors they sent in a colony to steal away, Icebox.

The Light Troops claim their colony invasion was valid because

  • They had enough troops to claim a server
  • Stayed for more then 10 minutes
  • They had proof they were on Icebox

These are some clear reasons for claiming the server. The Dark Warriors, I think do not know about this yet or they are figuring this one out. They still claim they lost Ice Cold, so that was a clear LT win with LT with sizes of 15-18 and Dark Warriors with 10.

LT at Ice Cold


DW at Ice Cold

You can clearly see a difference in size from these 2 pictures, but they both had excellent tactics.This was at Ice Cold, to be clear. This was all of DW’s troops, so when LT figured that out they probably sent a group of little snipers to take away Icebox. This was indeed a smart trick and a dirty one as well. While they were at Icebox taking that away they had a size of 5.

It shows LT at bottom

This picture is a little blinding because of the blue sign, of course, but if you look at bottom you see LT with 5. They do have proof they were on server and they had a good size. This was at Icebox, to be clear again. This is turning to be a deadly game card war with all these little tricks up their sleeves. I am pretty sure LT has more tricks up their sleeve, but now that DW know they are going to do this they might as well do it back.

Now these 2 battles, technically 1, there was finally and I mean finally no excuses for loses, which is a shocker they mostly accuse each other of multi-logging on.  Even though DW lost one of their own servers, I think they should have at least got close to taking LT’s server because they are a US army and this was a pretty good time for a US event. This war probably will not end until they get an obvious winner, but until now this war is closer than expected between these 2 armies.

This war is really close, but one army has to be the victor and I give that to LT. Comment your opinions!


9 Responses

  1. nice job Lt


  2. i am a light trooper andour army is unbeatable!!


  3. Alright, although I don’t agree with all the idea of the Council. We do need a solid base of rules. So many people could argue that LT’s invasions were valid, and the other way around.


  4. aka multi invasion


  5. LT isnt a US army?


  6. Wait was there 24 hour notice for the invasion of ice box?


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