Chat Hustle

BREEZE — Nachos accused of stealing troops and recruiting on the chat of the Army of CP?

Note: All accused in this post are innocent until proven guilty. These accusations do not reflect the ideas of CPAC or it’s staff.

Chat Hustle

Controversy erupted over the banning of Nachos’ third-in-command Fiffylog, over accusations that he was attempting to steal ACP soldiers and convert them to the Nachos. Obama, current ACP moderator, warned the third-in-command to stay off the chat before he was promptly banned forever on the ACP chat by an unidentified owner. Fiffylog allegedly worked with fellow third-in-command Dj Dan to gain recruits from the chat, but this is unconfirmed and highly unlikely at the moment.

While some ACP believe this to be a threat and/or act of war against the Nachos, the Nachos protest that this was not meant to actually steal the ACP troops, but to be a joke against the ACP troops themselves. One anonymous ACP troop claims to have been “brought here (Nachos chat) by Nacho owner,” though without any mention of recruiting purposes. Due to the linking of the Nachos’ join page during the time this troop was on the chat, the ACP firmly believes this was indeed a serious recruiting attempt by the Nachos, along with ACP troops allegedly telling their superiors about this incident, prompting the ban of Fiffylog.

I am unable to get a comment from the ACP ownership due to abuse by a certain moderator banning me for a while.


26 Responses

  1. crap is going down


  2. Aye controversy I don’t like it. Eh whatever I wasn’t trying to recruit anyone but A.C.P can think what they want. It’s not like we need A.C.P troops anyway.


  3. So stealing troops is against the rules? Armies may be falling cause of this. If the troop is un-loyal enough to join the other army, then itis their fault.


  4. Another attempt of Shiver trying to find something to post about. Otherwise, good post.


  5. If the ACP wants war, bring it on.


  6. I love how Extreme has 5 armies in his name, he’s just not a loyal member from my view.


  7. Recruiting off other armies has been around for as long as armies have been around. I really don’t see why ACP has made it such a big deal. I’ve recruited off every major army chat in my ‘career’ here, big deal. If Extreme doesn’t want to be recruited into Nachos he can just put Fiffylog on ignore, or simply don’t go.


  8. YES! Go dan and Fiffy! WOOHOO!

    xD Come on our chat if you want, ACP, but you aren’t getting anyone cause we’re the best army around. Eww, ACP.


  9. lrn2troll


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