LT and DW Battle on Flurry[RESULTS]

Two armies, Dark Warriors and Light Troops battle on the server, Flurry.

Hello CPAC, two armies, DW and LT had a recent battle on Flurry, which proved to be a DW win.

The Dark Warriors maxed 10 and LT maxing 7. This was a UK event and these 2 armies are mainly good for their US forces. The Dark Warriors clearly had this battle for their win because they were bigger and had good tactics throughout the event.

DW with an excellent tactic and size.

This picture is from DW’s pint of view, which it shows they are clearly winning by a majority in size. Their tactic seemed to be decent in this picture also. This is a pretty good beginning if you are starting a UK force, but if an army had this for consecutive months, I recommend doing something about it.

LT with 7 and good tactic

Now we go to LT’s point of view and they seem to be pretty close with a nice tactic, but DW still own in size. The LT only had this size for this pic, so they really were not that close for a long time. It seemed to be a good size for an army that is mainly known to me as an American army, but they gave it what they got for a UK event.

Now LT claim DW of multi-logging on, they mainly claim Unk of multi-logging with these names Wembly 39, Dud78, Torresfan, Browniefan, Tinman, and Goeagles. DW also claim Ioio of multi-logging on with a penguin named, Stinkaz3. Both armies obviously accuse each other of multi-logging a lot because it probably seems they both want to win.

LT with about 6-7 saying “no”

In this picture above it shows LT saying “no” and with a size of 6-7 and DW still remain there size. The LT have a bunched up line while DW have a kind of bunched up line, but are more spread out than LT. By the way it looks DW look like they are winning this war, so far, unless LT make some kind of a comeback.

The LT say they want to have a fair war with LT, but it seems both armies are cheating, mainly multi-logging. I swear this is the only excuse of cheating armies have these days. The Light Troops still gave Dark Warriors the win and now DW say they are 7-3 and LT saying they are 6-4.

Picture of DW at Iceberg.

A picture of DW by themselves at Iceberg with a nice tactic. By the looks the size was 9-10. This was a nice picture of DW by themselves, probably LT coming shortly after. The DW are happy with their success with their wins, but should not get too confident that they start to lose.

I think LT will win some more events, but until then DW is paving the way. Comment your opinions!


5 Responses

  1. Nice post


  2. woah woah wait a minute!
    they are both small here
    very very strange.
    once of the strangest cp army shrinks ive seen


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