ACP – Going Back to the Glory

The army known as, ACP look like they might be heading back to their glory days. Can they finally put this drought to an end?

Hello CPAC, here is a post on ACP and it seems they might be heading back to that #1 spot and put the drought to an end.

The ACP have been having an excellent week and hope to keep this rise going and get to the #1 spot. Many armies probably are not liking this rise as much as other people, but they can not always be haters. The ACP started this week with a “BANG!” with a new US leader, Swimmer and a spectacular event against, Pretzels

ACP with a nice circle and tactic.

In the picture above it shows ACP with a circle basically around the forest and nice clovers. They had many other impressive events after this, like an unscheduled event they had this week and got sizes of 22-30, as said by ACP and chat size was similar. The tactics were not that shabby, as the Pretzels also had a good tactic.

ACP with 20-25

In this picture it shows ACP with a size of 20-25 and a bad tactic, but had better ones throughout the rest of the event. This was an unscheduled event for their UK force and it was a success. They do not have many US events scheduled, besides that “big one”, but I hope they start doing unscheduled events for US. They also held out polls for their US troops for timezones and etc.

That “perfect” event of ACP.

Another picture of that awesome event ACP had with a nice tactic and a nice size of 25-30. It seems they are going back to their glory age with these events lately and they might soon be #1, again. ACP are also holding their little Olympic thing again, which their soldiers compete in numerous challenges and get a chance to do something fun besides events/battles for once.


Interview with Kenneth:



Me: How do you think ACP has been doing this past week?

Kenneth: Very well I should think. Our sizes have dramatically improved very quickly. If we can keep this up we can be #1 again in a few weeks or less.

Me: Do you think that the US part of ACP will improve with their new US leader?

Kenneth: I think we will. My promotion along with Swimmer’s promotion already made an impact. The question is if we can maintain what we gained this past week with Swimmer and I.

Me:What are you expecting at the “big event” for US troops?

Kenneth: 20 at least. It would be a big improvement from the 6 we had not long ago.

Me: Thanks for your time!


(Ken wanted me to add that)


As you can see by my interview with Ken he hated me *cries in bedroom*, anyways he thinks ACP is going to get their US force to be strong again, but is not expecting much at the event they are having. He also thinks their US force will rise with their new US leader, but can only see at that event. I agree with Ken with it would be a big improvement for them to get 20 since one of their US events they got 6, but they might get more. They had an event not too long ago with their UK force, again and they showed some decent sizes.

Best picture of event.

The picture shows the UK event they had not too long ago and it was pretty decent with a size of 15-20. This was not the best I have seen from their UK force, I definitely seen better. but it was still average. Well, this wraps up my first post, until next time, bis spater(German for “see you later”)

My opinion ACP will grow back to their glory age with not all the pressure on Funks now that they have a US leader. Comment your opinions! Sorry if post had some things wrong with it, my sister was trying to take my sub away from me and I was typing with 1 hand.


9 Responses

  1. When I told you not to post this Army of the Week post I DID NOT mean to simply change the title…

    There’s certainly enough actual news out there so that fillers like this are unneeded.


  2. You sound sorta bias. Quit going on and on about their great size, and what you think. We need facts! Great post though. Enough facts to satisfy.


  3. Although ACP appears to be getting better, their American division will have to improve an incredible amount before I believe ACP can be considered “Back in their glory days.”


  4. Acp maxed one event with 35+ and there on a comeback oh wow


  5. Horrible syntax. “Put a drought to an end”?
    You keep going on about their size, and apparently you’re predicting that they will rise off one week of good performance.
    Next time, eat your lunch before typing a post.


    • This post is a bit unprecedented, considering ACP has maybe had one week of good events. Overall, I thought the post was weak. You didn’t provide much factual information and though you were predicting, you weren’t analyzing. The topic was weak, though you had a lot of choices. Please think about this next time, and hopefully it will help you.


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