Day 2 of Round 1 March Madness Results + [ROUND TWO TIMES]


Day 2 was very interesting and an unusual day but not bad, the tournament continues to move a long, many upset with their leave, others are happy with their outcomes, but either way, its time to move on and up as more intense battles begin!

March Madness Day 2 Headlines:

  • Metal Warriors upset UMA in close battle.
  • DCP strolls against WV
  • DW forfeits against SWAT halfway through the event.
  • IW and AR battle postponed due to Disney trying out new drugs on a street corner in Harlem, yes doing the harlem shake..

Click read more to see the results AND TIMES FOR ROUND TWO!


First Battle: MW vs. UMA

The event started pretty even but MW came up to a larger size and eventually really spectacular tactics, the event was close but the victor was clear in the end, UMA had around 6 and MW had around 11, tactics were about the same so consistency was important, in the end, MW outperformed UMA and MW advances to the next round into the Elite 8.

Consistency: MW; 3-2

Size: MW; 4-1

Tactics: UMA; 3-2

Winner: Metal Warriors!


Second Battle: DCP vs. WV

Before I start off with this battle, I assure I did not judge nor have any influence on the voting, I was made guest by Kingfunks at this time on the CPAC chat and had been away until the DW vs. SWAT battle, this battle was judges by Kingfunks, Garrett, and Wyoskyguy. DCP came out with a big surprise with sizes of 20-25 while the Water Vikings had 5. Tactics continued well by both armies but WV had all troops do them well and edged on this one. Consistency was DCP with non stop attacks and bombs.

Consistency: DCP; 3-0

Size: DCP; 3-0

Tactics: WV; 2-1

Winner: Doritos!


Third Battle: SWAT vs. DW

This battle was pretty short, the DW had a short notice and were not able to go through full sizes, In this battle, SWAT went green so the two armies would not clash. DW had sizes of 15+ and SWAT had 25+ with superb tactics and consistency was pretty even. DW however decided to log off 15 minutes early and decided to move on from the tourney once again.

Consistency: DW; 4-1

Size: SWAT; 5-0

Tactics: SWAT; 3-2

Winner: SWAT!


Fourth Battle: IW vs. AR

Right before the event, the IW and AR tried to get on, well CP decided to go on maintenance, this battle will be moved to Saturday, March 9th. May the best army win!



Nachos vs. Pirates

Where: Klondike, Forts

When: March 9th, 2013

Times: 10:30 AM PST, 11:30 AM MST, 12:30 PM CST, 1:30 PM EST, 6:30 PM UK


~[ROUND 1] Remake~

Ice Warriors vs. Army Republic

Where: Klondike, Mine

When: March 9th, 2013

Times: 12 PM PST, 1 PM MST, 2 PM CST, 3 PM EST, 8 PM UK


Army of CP vs. Tacos

Where: Klondike, Ice Berg

When: March 9th, 2013

Times: 11 AM PST, 12 PM MST, 1 PM CST, 2 PM EST, 7 PM UK



Doritos vs. Metal Warriors

Where: Klondike, Forts

When: March 10th, 2013

Times: 11 AM PST, 12 PM MST, 1 PM CST, 2 PM EST, 8 PM UK



Where: Klondike, Mine

When: March 10th, 2013

Times: 12 PM PST, 1 PM MST, 2 PM CST, 3 PM EST, 9PM UK


15 Responses

  1. 2nddddd


  2. How do you make a bracket like this? I want to know.


  3. Wtf is Albaro Lord doing on SWAT’s pic…?


  4. ACP would like it to be 1 or 2 hours earlier.


    • This time would hinder our performance and I was of the thought that the more UK armies would get the earlier times (7, 8). I don’t see why AR/IW are before us and would like a change. Also, I don’t want Sunday either lol.


  5. 9pm is
    sometimes to late for our younger uk troops so maybe around 7/8pm uk would be good for us and uk


  6. water why so early? O.o


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