Dark Warriors and Light Troops Battle for Crunch

CRUNCH- While other armies are relaxed and the war continues between LT and DW, the two armies found themselves in a controversial battle on the server Crunch.

In a United Kingdom timezone battle, LT and DW both logged on to Crunch on the 4th of March.  Sizes varied throughout the battle, but both armies seemed to average around ten troops along while displaying some decent tactics.

Below, LT does the E+M tactic while DW chants “We win” in capital letters on the Ice Berg.

Below, DW does a joke bomb in the same line as LT in the Snow Forts.

Below, LT chants “Light up the night” in the Snow Forts.

Following the battle, both LT and DW claimed victory.  LT claimed to have a slightly larger size than DW at some points and also claimed that DW troops multi-logged in.  The following is LT’s claim from a post on their site:

The funny thing is, Unk and Paintboy attended(they didn’t have school or something) and of course, they both multilogged. Half of DW’s size was multilogin actually :lol: . It was funny seeing them say and do the tactics one after another, like dominoes.

Along with that, LT stated that DW logged off two minutes early and stated that all battles have to last at least thirty minutes.

DW claimed their own reasons for winning, with their main one being that LT had the help of the Pirates, which was stated in a post on the DW site:

Today Ioioluk got Waterkid to basically bring all the CPPA he had on chat, but we still won. LT never passed us on size, and it wasn’t enough to warrant a successful invasion. Not to mention LT didn’t log on until 5 minutes into the battle.

DW also posted a picture to prove their point:

In fact, some of the tactics in the battle reflected the claims of both armies:

Up until now, the battle remains disputed between LT and DW.

Comment with YOUR opinion on the battle.  Which army won?  Did either army have valid claims?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Associate Producer

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