Actions Speak Louder Than Words

BREEZE — After months of Black Alliance siege, ACP Leader Kingfunks4 submits to the demands of the newly formed Black Legion, ending the Black Wars and restoring peace to the world.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The threat of annihilation by the 5-army Black Legion was enough to cause the Army of CP to ignore the invasions as they claim treaties signed by ACP were still in play to prevent these invasions. However, one army in the BL, the Hot Sauce Army, had no treaties and so was allowed to mercilessly bash the USA-weak army. To prevent further hostilities toward the struggling Army of CP,  Kingfunks formally surrendered to the Black Legion earlier today, fulfilling the goal of the Black Alliance.

The Black Alliance received Mammoth, Fog, Walrus, Snow Fort, and Snow Shoe in this deal. The Black Wars have finally ended with a hard-fought Black Alliance victory. The success of the Black Alliance this time around may be credited to ACP failing to win the support of the Nachos, Ice Warriors, or Army of the Republic, allowing a 5-pronged attack with little aid to repel it. The Army of the Republic refused to help ACP in any future wars until the ACP agrees to help with AR’s personal issues. The Nachos have denied any support to the struggling army. The Ice Warriors’ stance is unknown.

This bitter loss has caused great chaos among the ACP ranks. The Army of CP is left to rebuild, with their future in question. ACP Leader Kingfunks is under serious criticism for his handling of the army and war and so has the ACP looking for an American leader to help rebuild the army. Former ACP Leader and incumbent AR 2ic Antant98 is currently suspected to be a candidate for this position. An American division is the top priority for an army who struggled against American armies such as the Hot Sauce Army and Light Troops. At the moment, this is only a dream for the army in question.

For the Black Alliance, Waterkid has great hopes for their future. He congratulates the armies involved, the Pirates, Dark Warriors, Light Troops, and SWAT for their actions contributing to the fall of the ACP. There are no rumors on whether the Black Alliance will dissolve immediately, or if they will move onto a new target. But theres one thing we do know, and it’s that the Black Wars are OVER.

The Black Wars were primarily fought over the fate of the Army of Club Penguin, beginning with the Nachos’ declaration of war against ACP and the subsequent entry of the Light Troops.



Pro-ACP Belligerents:

-Army of Club Penguin

-Army of the Republic (Summer 2012-February 2013)

-Ice Warriors (August-December 2012)

-Nachos Army (Fall 2012-December 2012)

-Dark Warriors (December 2012)

-Light Troops (December 2009)


Anti-ACP Belligerents:

-Pirates Army

-Dark Warriors

-Light Troops

-Nachos Army (Summer 2012 and December 2012)

-Hot Sauce Army

-SWAT (Fall 2012-January 2013)

-United Countries of Club Penguin (Fall 2012)

-Icy Troops of Club Penguin (Winter 2013)

-Ninjas Army of Club Penguin (Fall 2012)


RESULT: Army of Club Penguin surrender, withdrawal of Nacho, Ice Warrior, and Army of the Republic troops; BA Victory


18 Responses

  1. If you can’t beat them join them.


  2. Im going to speak on why Ice Warriors didn’t help:

    You see, Ice Warriors are typically a peaceful army, so we avoid any threats. BA = Threat that isn’t very fond of us, and is quite large. We only attack when threatened or attacked, which we weren’t by BA. Plus Nachos weren’t with WA, so it made WA into jelly.

    Also, BA didn’t complete their goal. Wasn’t it to make Funks retire + kill ACP?


  3. I doubt they are over. All the armies will leave Black Legion, who gets the servers? Most of the Legion leaders are impulsive. I don’t think CPPA has ever stuck with a project for more then a week? Remember the whole kill all small armies? I think if ACP stayed in the war, kept Black Legion occupied, they would destroy themselves.


  4. The wars are over, now lets just focus on fixing this community, shall we?


  5. “Black Legion” won a 4 day war, with about 2 invasions involving 2 armies.

    The ACP (and allies at points admittedly, but sometimes just the ACP) won every other war up till now. To say the BA have won over 9 months is ridiculous, and besides, they haven’t even nearly achieved their aims of killing the ACP – so they haven’t achieved what they set out to do.

    But “well done”


  6. I wouldn’t say they’ve accomplished their ultimate goal, but it is small victory for BA. Besides, its not like they didn’t surrender quite a few times over the course of this too.


  7. ACP gave up Mammoth for a treaty that will probably be broken in a few weeks. *claps slowly*


  8. lol ioio


  9. LT wasn’t around in 2009?…


  10. Wars these days. The reason they aren’t fun is cause people are trying to AVOID fighting, when that’s what everyone thought was fun back in the day. Yikes…


  11. […] FEBRUARY 2013: Actions Speak Louder Than Words […]


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