Breaking News:LT Declare War on DW

Icebox-LT have declared war on DW but DW are making the first move as they have scheduled an invasion of LTs capital, Icebox that is to scheduled to take place tomorrow.

LT, who were placed 5th in the latest Top Ten have shockingly declared war on DW, who were placed 3rd in the latest Top Ten. Ioioluk made a post titled “Bring it on, DW” on the LT site which included his reasons for declaring war on DW.

“It’s time.

For a while now, Unk(DW leader) has sent DW troops to help our opponents in battles, and that costed us a few defeats. That also costed us a humiliating defeat against Pretzels today in the tournament. I decided to not say anything and let this go or a while, until an anonymous DW Owner that is Author on their site showed me a picture with a drafted post called “Declaration of war on LT”. From then, I knew war was coming and we needed to prepare.

I was waiting for DW to make the first move, and they did. They have broken once again another alliance with us, and they will pay the price. Last time, they ended up shutting down because we beat them up, and the same thing is going to happen now.

I have noticed that since the past 2 weeks, our sizes have went down and people have started to lose interest in us. People are saying that we won’t last any longer and that we’re a weak army. They say we should just shut down again. They think we’re screwed and that DW is going to destroy us. I say no. They don’t know us and they don’t know me. We will not back down to the challenge, and we WILL prove everyone that they’re wrong.”

~Extract from Post off LT Site

In this post Ioioluk really does declare his hatred towards DW at the moment, I decided to get an interview with Puf, DW Leader on what he thinks of the war.

Interview with Puf, DW Leader

Me: Red

Puf: Black

What were your reactions on LT declaring war?

I was quite surprised as there was not really any tension between us and I think it was a pretty stupid reason to declare war as there is no evidence to anything he is accusing.

Ioio claimed that a DW owner showed him a picture of a draft post on the DW site titled “Declaration of War on LT” so were you not prepared if LT were to do anything?

Well there was no post with that title in the first place anyway.

Do you think Ioio was either lying or an owner lied by faking the picture?

I trust that none of our owners would leak anything off the site so I am positive that Ioio is lying.

Ioio also states in the post that DW broke an alliance with LT, can you explain?

I am not aware of any alliance with LT, but if we had one we definitely didn’t do anything to break it.

What are your predictions for the invasion of Ice Box?

My prediction is that we will own the Light Troops and successfully capture their capital.

What do YOU think will happen in this war? Will there be a winner anytime soon? Will this turn into an even bigger war with both sides bringing in allies? Leave your opinions and responses in the comment section below!

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  1. nice post but didn’t shiv already post about it?


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