AR vs HSA War Ends || HSA Target ACP

As another war bites the dust, HSA now attempt to spice things up with their latest declaration of war on ACP.

Hello CPAC. I am Adro3, you may know me as a Secondary Head at SMAC. I’m now also a reporter here at CPAC, I hope you enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy publishing them…

Yes, after 4 short days of intense battling between Army Republic and HSA, the two rivals have come to terms and formed a treaty. Here is a caption of the treaty agreed to by leaders from both armies:

The war between us and the HSA is over. It’s time for us to keep on recovering with training sessions and recruiting sessions. We will be rebuilding like we were before the HSA rudely interrupted. We finished the war 5 victories – 1 loss. Well, here are the treaty details:

Halfpipe is given to AR, Snowbank is given to HSA
There shall be no war-like activity between AR and the HSA for at least 2 months.’

So, AR say that they need to get back on the road to recovery which is what they were aiming for before HSA declared war on them.

AR gave back all the servers they ‘won’ apart from Snowbank and Halfpipe. The last event of this short war was fought on Husky and AR claimed to have won. Here is a picture of the battle:


As it was agreed, on the 22nd February the war was announced as over.


Shortly after the AR war had ended, HSA was hit by the retirements of leaders Dudex, Monster and Ben. However they were quick to appoint 4 new leaders to freshen thr whole army.

The next day, a short post was made stating that HSA were invading the ACP servers of Snowshoe and Walrus throughout next week. They also planned to invade the well-established small/medium army Global Defenders on the server Outback. There was no explanation as to why these declarations were planned but we we will wait and see to find out if these invasions are a success.

To the delight of the new leaders, the unscheduled event arranged hurriedly on chat was a great success!

First off I would like to say congratulations to all our new leaders. This will be a true testament of how well you can support an army as a leader role. Good job to our troops and new recruits!

(Bearsboy’s post)


I interviewed their new leader, Bearsboy.

Me: 1. What made you declare war on ACP?
We are invading ACP for the Black Alliance since we have a peace treaty with the other army being invaded (AR).

Me: 2. Have the troops welcomes and shown the new leaders the same respect as the previous ones?
For the most part troops have given them the respect they deserve, but there are a few disagreements with the new leadership. I am giving them one week to show how well they lead and then I can remove anyone if I feel the need to.

Me: 3. How long do you expect this war to last?
I can not say for sure at this point, hopefully sooner rather than later because we just got out of war with AR. It all depends on how much help they get and what sizes we are able to obtain.

My View:

I think that it was Army Republic who won the war overall. HSA also have the potential to beat ACP but it will all depend on how quickly the new leadership settles down to business. .

That’s about it for today, comment YOUR thoughts on the AR/HSA treaty and who do you think will win the ACP/HSA war…

~α∂яσЭ cραc яєρσятєя|ѕмαc ѕєcση∂αяу нєα∂

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  1. i wonder if i did the first cpac interview from church


  2. Great post, Adro! 😀


  3. HSa is screws now kill them ACP


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