BREAKING NEWS: Back in Black Act II

UPDATE: Important info added about BA plots c. 6:17 EST PM

MIGRATOR — The Black Alliance has announced another of it’s several reincarnations.

Back in Black Act II

The Black Alliance has returned after speculation from several sources around the community. Waterkid100, former Pirates leader, has defected back to his domain of the Pirates after a short stint with the Army of CP. Later that day, the Light Troops, Nachos, Doritos, and Pirates teamed up to raid the ACP capitol of Breeze. A Black Alliance reunion meeting has been scheduled, and has delegates from the SWAT, LT, UMA, RPF, Dark Warriors, Shadow Troops, Hot Sauce Army, Nachos,  and Pirates invited, although all armies are welcome.

Could this rekindle the Black Wars with crusades against the ACP? It is unknown if the Black Alliance’s intentions are malevolent toward ACP at the moment; it may only be a strategic alliance.

This is a developing story; any updates will be edited onto this post.


A Black Alliance meeting was held today c. 5:00 EST PM. Nachos, LT, Pretzels, DW, SWAT, HSA, Pirates, LT, and Doritos confirmed to be associated with the plot. AR, ACP, and IW were named targets of the Black Alliance.


16 Responses

  1. Just for clarification, can someone from BA give a list of reasons why ACP are the evil bastards that they are? Cheers


  2. Wtf is wrong with you people. Wars are pointless if they’re out to kill another army. Its just those butthurt losers who think that the only option to get what they want is to do it by force. Its time people like waterkid realise attempting to kill 3 armies is useless no matter who is helping who. CP Armies aren’t about having fun, its about getting revenge now. This CP Army generation makes me sick. What happened to mammoth wars for fun, and snowball fights? At least people with actual intelegence attempt to bring back the old days. Killing eachother will not solve our problems. If all we do is to have fun, then for the love of god, quit this alliance wars bs. Ok im bored of ranting, BA pls stahp being butthurt, bye.


  3. BA needa get a grip on life and chill out.


  4. You listed LT twice.


  5. So much for Waterkid “changing his ways.”


  6. This is getting really old, and I really tired of reporting it…


  7. Like

  8. -Black Alliance falls, Pirates fall. Water is hated by the CPA community
    -Water retires and turns pro ACP saying he changed his ways so people like him again
    -Lots of armies get angry and declare war on ACP because they are mad
    -Water defects from ACP and returns to the Pirates to recreate the Black Alliance and get a second chance at ‘destroying ACP’ and regaining his glory

    Whats wrong with this? Waterkid saw he lost and he was embarressed in front of the entire community. He was a failure. Now hes going to return because he sees a chance and a weakness so once again he is going to return to bending the minds of army leaders and corrupting and destroying Club Penguin Armies even futher. Nice job guys, I am glad I left this crap years back because this is all just a real joke.


  9. Waterkid deleted things from the post. There was 3 pictures, 2 of them showing BA’s targets, now there is only 1.


  10. Anonymous tip: Nachos, LT, DW, IW, and Doritos have dropped, and we are working on getting rid of RPF, and the HSA. DCP, DW, and The Nachos have formed their own alliance called “The Great Alliance”


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