Late-as-Hell News: Nachos, LT v. ACP?

FJORD — In recent Nacho history, raids have always preceded wars.

Note: Any ideas expressed in this post do not reflect those of CPAC or it’s staff

Departure Time

The Army of CP has recently ended a short conflict with the Pirates, but another danger looms ahead. Former rivals of the ACP, the Light Troops and Nachos have planned to raid the ACP. The resurging Doritos have also made plans to join the party.

The Nachos intended to raid a Pirates v. ACP battle, but have stepped it up to being a battle, as the Pirates and ACP have ceased hostilities. The ACP have labelled this as a high-priority event and have since changed it’s name to “The Big Event.”

Recently, threats of war have emerged from the Nachos, with most being shrugged off as being a friendly poke at the ACP. However, the Nachos did officially announce the possibility of war with either ACP or AR; ACP being the most likely option as it stands. Two historical rivals raiding one former enemy could mean war.

Historically, two conflicts between the Nachos and ACP in 2012, which were the July War and a small period of the Black Wars, were initiated by Nacho raids on Breeze; the July War being declared by ACP and the late section of the Black Wars being declared by Nachos. The July War was a serious blow to the ACP’s power and was the driving force behind the Black Alliance’s plan to destroy ACP. The scars of that war remain on them today as they struggle to regain their lost glory.

While notable Light Troops Waterkid and Ioioluk now claim to be pro-ACP, it is a possibility the LT may try to pull a fast one on ACP after decimating their (formerly) closest ally, the Army of the Republic. Some believe this brutal mauling of AR was a precaution to keep them out of a future conflict between LT and it’s allies against ACP.

The Nachos and AR have had malevolent relations recently, with former Nacho Shiver releasing a news report on suspected AR corruption and current Nacho owner Chrisi Blule bashing AR Leader Burito for his overworking of the AR troops. This escalated even further when an impersonator disguised themself as a Nacho leader and declared war on AR; leading to an anti-Nacho tirade by the AR leadership. When this impersonator was discovered to be false, the AR administration found it difficult to take back said comments about the Nachos.

The Nachos have had no official comment on this, although the Nachos deny any intent to declare war on AR as they believe “they will destroy themselves.” The Nacho leadership has refused to comment on the possibility of war with ACP, guesting and banning me forever in the process.

The ACP has refused to comment on the situation as well.

This is a developing story and will be updated after the event on Breeze at 7PM UK, 2PM EST, 1PM CST, 12PM MST, and 11PM PST.


4 Responses

  1. Dont forget DCP -.-


  2. … There was so much wrong in this post.. AR never said anything about Nachos. Lol


  3. We were at war with ACP in January 2012, too, why does everyone forget that :3


  4. breaking news: Water returns to Pirates, quits ACP. Water schedules Black Alliance meeting.


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