Literature Truth [The Odyssey]

“Nohbdy Has Ruined Me!”

Even the mightiest of all will fall to arrogance and pig-headed choices. In Homer’s “The Odyssey”, there was a massive beast known as the Cyclops, son of the Greek God of The Sea and Earthquake, Poseidon. The Cyclops’ name was Polyphemus, and he was considered the strongest thing in the known world, even stronger than the Gods themselves. Towering over the other Cyclops and Minor Gods (who in turn towered over Humans such as Odysseus), Polyphemus was considered one of the strongest beasts, and in turn one of the Wisest.

However, when Poseidon caused Odysseus and his crew to wash on the shore of Polyphemus’ Island, fate struck as the giant locked them in his cave along with his massive herd of sheep. Polyphemus ate 2 of Odysseus’s crew every day, torturing them psychotically  until one day, while the giant Cyclops slept, Odysseus formed a steel stake in the enormous fireplace. When the Cyclops awoke, Odysseus enlightened him by giving him bowls and bowls of Wine.

After drinking a bowl or two of wine, Polyphemus felt more comfortable with Odysseus, asking him for his name. In return, he replied “My Name is Nohbdy!”

When the Cyclops finally fell, drunk as can be, Odysseus and his crew set the steel stake on fire, and plunged it into the Cyclops eye. Screaming in agonizing pain, Polyphemus awoke, and howled so loudly that the other Cyclopes around the island came to his door, shouting “Whats Wrong, Polyphemus? Surely nothing has gotten into your lair? Nothing can harm you!”

“Nohbdy Has Harmed Me!” Polyphemus roared, tossing the stake out of his bleeding eye. Odysseus couldn’t hold in his cunning laughter. “Nohbdy has Tricked Me, Nohbdy has Ruined Me!”

“Ah well, if nobody has played you foul there in your lonely bed, we are no use in pain given by Great Zeus. Let it be your father, Poseidon Lord, to whom you play!” The other Cyclops agreed, leaving back to their own caves.”

The moral is quiet simple. Even the strongest, bravest, most legendary men and women can be tricked due to arrogance. Even the most “Untouchable” can in fact be touched by a cunning act of wisdom and bravado.

Quite interesting. Your Legends Page, the one people have fought over for quite some time now. Think about the moral of this tale, ancient beyond the fact of Common Era, and then look to what has been fought over for Legend Positions.

Odysseus was considered a legend in his own time, and the question to think of here is actually stunning.

What Characteristics Make a Hero?

While Odysseus had the cunning mind of a legend, making the Trojan Horse in the Battle for Troy and Plunging the Stake into Polyphemus’s eye, he was arrogant. He wasted 72 of his own crew’s lives before getting to The Island of The Cyclopes, and even had the bravado to TAUNT the massive beast as they fled, almost killing them once more as Polyphemus chucked mountain tops and hillsides at them.

While Odysseus had the mind of a hero, his personality was actually his own downfall. Read The Odyssey for More Information.

Which Empire will Crumble under the mass of Satire and Philosophy? Which Historical References imprint on our Virtual Society? Which prophecies of fame and fortune were unleashed. Conspiracy Theories, Philosophy, History.

They are all Opinion, and you cannot Kill Off Opinion.


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  2. What’s with the Greek lesson


  3. I love it since I just learned a couple weeks ago about the Odyssey.


  4. Excellent. Very well written. And the content is the most profound thing I have read on CPAC to date. Connecting Club penguin Armies to true peices of literature is a masterstroke.


  5. Alright, now who’s willing to connect the Fountainhead and Club Penguin armies? Rape is okay, journalism is inherently evil, and armies are an evil collective that should be destroyed.

    Any takers?


  6. Heres a great idea then. dont fucking read it. you are not my employer or a valued reader in my opinion so frankly i give two shits on the subject that you dont like it on this site. Go cry to Bluesockwa, i dont care. In further enlightenment, you claim that literature is “irritating” while your pic shows you as a Brony, perhaps one of the most irritating species on the Internet, something else to throw out states that you have no real idea what philosophy is or how to expand the three brain cells you have. As stated before, go cry to Bluesockwa, I give less than a shit of your opinions.


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