News: Pirates Declare War on Army of Club Penguin | Waterkid100 Retires from Pirates

After the Pirates and ACP have been at war many times in the past year, it appears that they are once again locked in a war of combat.  The Pirates have scheduled invasions of ACP.  After a shocking retirement of a Pirates leader, the question that remains is, will this war be like past ones, or will it turn out differently?

On the 21st of February, Pirates leader Ace Fireken6 made a post on the Pirates’ website.  The post was pretty straight forward and stated that the Pirates declare war on ACP.  The following is from the post:

We are declaring war on ACP because they suck and everyone wanted war with them so let us give them war[.]

The Pirates have four invasions scheduled of the servers Migrator, Snow Fort, Klondike, and Breeze, which are set to take place this weekend.

Following the declaration of war, ACP 3ic Purple Slime4 made a post in response to the Pirates.  The following is from the post on the ACP site:

I knew this would happen! Pirates are declaring war on us- ONCE AGAIN! But this time it isn’t Waterkid who wants to do it, it is Ace Fireken (One of the Pirates Leaders). The reason he is declaring war is that ”Because they suck and everyone wanted war with them so let us give them war”. Errrm.. Nice reason?

The post included the defenses from the Pirates and also had a few invasions of Pirate servers.  ACP will be invading the Pirates’ section of Mammoth on Friday.  They will also be invading Cream Soda and Brumby along with their defense of Breeze on Sunday.

Following the declaration of war, Pirates leader Waterkid100 posted his retirement on the Pirates site.  The following is from the retirement post:

As you know I have joined the ACP because I have changed, and when I heard everyone wanting war on the ACP, I decided to retire. I do not want to turn back into the old Waterkid that everyone hated, so I have decided to make Ace a leader. I will step down to advisor rank. And yes, Ace has declared war on the ACP.

Waterkid100 did not want to go to war with ACP like the rest of the Pirates, so he decided to step down.

As ACP and the Pirates dive into this war, we’ll bring you more news as it arrives.

Comment with YOUR opinion.  Who will win the war?  How will it turn out?  What do you think of Waterkid100’s retirement?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Associate Producer

9 Responses

  1. 1st, booyah!


  2. Well, apart from a few, I think it’s safe to say pirates are a bunch of awesome people.


  3. once again, congratulations.


  4. Ace fireken is butthurt because he got banned forever on ACP chat, despite my efforts to get him unbanned. Now I’m ashamed I tried to.


  5. Waterkid, disgrace..


  6. bias bias bias everywhere…


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