News: By the Powers of Naughtiness Act II

BREEZE — The Hot Sauce Army, the Army of the Republic, and the Army of CP have begun a hot exchange of accusations against each other.

Note: All accusations and the accused in the contents of this post are innocent until proven guilty.

By the Powers of Naughtiness Act II

After the Hot Sauce Army declared war on the Army of the Republic, accusations sprang up concerning criminal activity on HSA’s part. The AR leadership recently accused HSA owners of doxing their own troops and neutral troops alike, calling them “scumbags.” The ACP has also accused the HSA of committing similar crimes, this time to ACP third-in-command Snaily (involving dox and threats to make her “vanish,”) with one suspect claiming to be associated with PR (although confirmed to be Monster, HSA leader per BSM and official HSA identification)   and HSA Leader Dudex outright asking for Snaily’s email. In response, the HSA administration counter-accused the AR of using dox, providing pictures of AR Leader Vinny implying use of it. Dudex also claimed the email was to have her add graphics onto CP Advocate, a fan site, and claiming the perpetrator on ACP chat was in fact Monster and he did not have the ability to do much harm.

Snaily responded in a post on the ACP, noting threats from both Dudex and Monster concerning denial of service attacks and doxing. She stated her intent to report them to the Council (status unknown at the moment) for their actions. AR Owners Antant98 and Vinny have taken the situation into their own hands, forgoing Council intervention, therefore taking over the investigation. It is unknown at the time whether these accusations are true or false.

At the moment, if these claims are correct, it is believed the attacks against Snaily were against her alone and do not concern the populace of the ACP.

Those who have been accused are innocent until proven guilty.

Photos of Incident:

PR/V.2 Feb 16, 2013


Partial screen shot taking my comments out of context, as he panics from the firestorm upon him at the moment.

I'm honorable and truthful.  I actually apologize to my threator for confusing the 2



20 Responses

  1. Crazeh Shiz Brah


  2. Why must you put “News:” in the title? Isn’t that already implied?


  3. Weird how there isn’t any proof of me threatening to DoS at all? Want to know why? It’s because I never threatened to DoS her *facepalm*

    In fact, snaily is the one agreeing that she can DoS and she is the one threatening me apparently a shown in “Do you even know how to DoS” “Yeah, I do so watch it.”



    • This article is false to some of it’s information. If you want ALL the facts in order and complete with proof and screen shots, come to ACP site and read my post about it. Shiver, if you are going to report something, you need to give all the facts and not just some to sway the actual story the wrong direction. I have screen shot proof on ACP site of DXDZN, Dudex, saying he’s going to Dos me and him admitting he twisted my comment around and took it out of context. The one seen above, I was responding to an earlier comment that Dudex so conveniently left off that screen shot. Please get this story straight. Btw, Dudex, officially and sincerely apologized for his actions to me in PC last night and mentioned me on his retirement post. I have forgiven him.


  4. You know, this partially the reason Armies are falling, This is just scaring away people from our community, And honestly people take this game waaaaayyyyy too seriously, I learnt that a while ago…


    • Dude shut up you imbecile, armies aren’t falling, just because the ACP and the IW are small doesn’t mean we’re all going to perish. On Sunday armies got like 25 – 30, is that falling?


      • Bro, I didn’t even reference ACP and IW, I’m saying that to say a noob it would be scary for them to witness hacking and Doxing, Especially if they themselves were the victim, Although that usually doesn’t happen (it’s usually with leaders and notable people in the community) It would still frighten them.

        As for your claim that armies aren’t falling I should really re-word my comment to “Were falling” Thank you for pointing that out. When I was in armies in 2011 nearly all armies had to be managing 30+ to get even a shot at top 5, and at least 25 to enter in. The normal max (excluding the occasional random very good event) was 50 then dropped to 40. We don’t get 40s consistently throughout armies anymore. Now compared with that armies have fallen quite a bit, Now are they still falling? Possibly, I would have to see armies not engage in the same conflicts over and over again cause that does wear down on troop count over time. So far this year we’ve stayed about the same I would say… No drops or major rising overall.


    • I don’t agree about armies falling, but I do agree about doxing. I’ve been to many places, where some know hacking far further than anyone who boasts about doxing here;- but this place is by far the most notorious I’ve seen for doxing/hacking.


  5. how I found armies and my influence!


  6. If doxing is scaring people away from the army community then why is AR taking the time to broadcast it and let everyone know? *cough cough* propaganda.


  7. Nobody really cares.


  8. Either people have become wimps or being ddos’ed for half an hour is really really scary…


    • First of all I didn’t know what Dos was, I thought it was the same as DOX. I was threatened BOTH Dox and Dos and plus Dudex was fishing around behind my back for my email. I would not call that reacting as if a wimp. Say something intelligent for once please if you have the capabilities.


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