Pirates Declare War on UMA – Global Defenders also Declare War

MITTENS – Following Pirates good showing in “Clash of the Unforgiven II” they decided to declare war on the Underground Mafias army, who have not been at their best in the past month. Both armies also agreed that no allies would be included in this war as UMA claim it will turn into a “huge flame war”. Instead, all servers will be returned to the original owner at the end of the war. The Global Defenders also declared war on the UMA and in an interview with CPAC, Eyes said this was “immature”.

The Pirates have been at their best in the past week, after they maxed 25 at CPAC’s tournament and were one of the biggest armies at the start of the tournament. Waterkid said “We did absolutely AMAZING today” in response to the battle. However, prior to this battle they had been very poor and looked like they were on the fall. Sizes above 15-20 were almost impossible to get for the Pirates but that changed on Sunday. The Pirates did not say much in their declaration of war post and gave not reason for invading UMA. The only thing that was said was “We officially declare war on the Underground Mafias Army” in his post. They are starting with their invasion on the UMA capital, Mittens and are hoping they can win this war after wars against the ACP and MW.

The UMA, after a slight rise due to Daniel’s strong leadership, have fallen out of the top ten  and are 14th on CPAC’s top 15 list. Their last good event was 10 days ago, in which they had sizes of 10-15 and performed poor tactics. Daniel, UMA fog6adviser, asked Waterkid, Pirates leader, if this could be a war “without moaning” and asked that all servers are returned at the end of the war. Waterkid agreed to these terms. In their war post, UMA said “This [The Deceleration of War] is pitiful and it will be his last mistake”. Along with the defences, they will be invading Matterhorn and Cream Soda at USA times. At the end of the post, Sarge said “If we must fight, then let’s give it everything we have. We will fight until we are broken. We will fight until everything is lost and then keep on fighting. We will fight until our legs give in from exhaustion and buckle under our weights. We will walk through fire and hell if that’s what it takes. If you are not brave enough to stand with me on this final march, then you are a coward and should of never joined UMA”.

As well as Pirates declaration of war, the Global Defenders (a former top ten army) also decided to declare war on them because “The UMA has recently made threat to the Global Defenders of waging war because Galaxie is in our army. Galaxie has been leading a rebellion within UMA, and Aaron threatened to demod him or fight a war. He claimed he was joking quickly after, but the GD does not take these threats lightly”. Galaxie is also a controversial ACP moderator, who is often in the center of attention, especially when he was captured threatening CPAC with hack threats. This post was condemned by Boomer and other former ACP leaders. This war seems separate from the other war and the GD have not agreed to give any servers won back. In GD’s last event, they had around 5 on CP. The UMA have not responded to this declaration of war yet, but this could be seen as an unwanted distraction as the Global Defenders could invade while the CPPA and UMA battle. Although the Global Defenders are a small army, this could be seen as a big threat to the Underground Mafia Army.


To get some more information from this developing story, I interviewed UMA Supreme Advisor, Daniel/Eyes, to get some answers.

  • What was your response to the Pirates declaration of war?

I honestly didn’t care, because the only reason war was declared was because Aaron acted like an idiot and banned him for no apparent reason.

  • Do you think you will beat them?

I can’t say yes, and I can’t say no, because I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but personally I think it’ll be a fun clean war, that’s if allies don’t get involved.

  • What was your response to the GD’s declaration of war?

I actually laughed, they don’t even max 4+. Redd is so immature, just because someone was racist to Gal he had to declare war, with his army size, this is going to go somewhere other in the right direction as they planned.

  • Can the GD serve as a nuisance, due to the fact they can invade while Pirates invade?

Well if you look at UMA site, CPPA and UMA have agreed to hand the servers back after the war, so it won’t be a problem. The GD aren’t a problem as Redd (GD Redd) is a complete nanogloid.

This interview showed that the UMA were probably ready to drop any events against the Pirates to defend against the Global Defenders as any servers lost would be returned to them anyway, whereas any servers lost to the GD would have to be taken back by invasions. Also, UMA clearly do not see the Global Defenders as a threat as “they don’t even max 4+”.  However, Daniel does not know if they can beat the Pirates but it should be a “fun clean war”. 


I also decided to interview Waterkid, Pirates leader. I wanted to find out his view on the current war and if GD were justified in declaring war.

  • Why did you declare war on the UMA?

Because of Aaron.

  • What did Aaron do?

Ban me on UMA, accuse me of stealing troops and being a prick. He also called me a Fag.

  • Do you think you will beat them?

Kinda, since they will be invading us at USA and we’re invading at UK. It will be boring.

  • What was your response to the GD’s declaration of war?

I was eating eggs and now I farted and it smells so bad.

  • LOL Ok, do you have anything else to add?

My farts usually smell like roses but these eggs are awful. 

This interview backed up the point that Aaron was the cause of this war, due to the fact he banned Waterkid on the UMA chat. He also thinks this war will be “boring” as apposed to Eyes saying the war will be “fun”. He bought up the point that it will be a classic UK vs USA war, in which it will be easy wins for the Pirates at UK times and easy wins for UMA at USA times. I was also interested at his answers in response to the GD question.


What do YOU think about UMA’s state of war? Were the Global Defenders right to declare war on them for bullying Galaxie, or was this just an immature move by Redd. Comment YOUR opinion on the current situation at the Underground Mafias army.

-Kingfunks4 CPAC EIC/Retired Head

10 Responses

  1. Money


  2. LOL, they didn’t declare war because of UMA bullying me. They declared war to destroy UMA’s government to aid UMARA.


  3. Aaron starts war with UMA & Pirates
    Aaron starts war with UMA & GD
    Aaron starts war with UMA & DCP


  4. looooool


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