Pre-Battle Report: Hot Sauce Army v. Army Republic

Light raindrops fall in the form of blood, spark’s of 2 shades colliding to surely make one horrific explosion, as on February 19th, 2013 as all of the current Club Penguin Army Community Circles around watching the color explosion of Red and Blue, which is similar to the sights you would see on The 4th of July. 2 opposing sides screaming for months all building up to this, even as the fireworks of controversy flew over there head, both Hot Sauce Army, and Army Republic continue through and both gain strength as an army total. As soon as day 1 of this War that has been building up through week’s of small events, both sprinted, racing to get there post’s up, and in both posts, both did a very nice job, of camouflaging each others pictures, both showed one of the armies at there prime, while others were struggling to perform. Anyways both sides think they came out victor’s, the only thing they can agree on that the new owner of the estate, known as “Fiesta” is Army Republic.

To start off the battle, of an reassuringly long bitter fight, in the place of a war, that isn’t projected to end for quite a while, the Battle of “Halfpipe” was punch-for-punch. As soon as one takes the lead the other one fought back twice as hard, and it all started off at the ice berg:


Then as we came later onto the battle many numbers seemed to reverse.


And it seems as they slowly maintained the lead for quite some time, but as losing size.


Finally, the rope switches hands once again, just before the battle closes out.


I personally took interest in this battle because these 2 armies are stuck in a deadlock, and I was hoping you guys could help me out. Before we move on I would like each side to give there side of the story, via an army soldier.  before feeding them to the wolves.


Q:Do you believe, this was close enough at any point, to make you or any other soldier of your knowledge nervous?

A:While I’m being honest, yes. At the beginning of the battle, just minutes before it actually started, but once we both arrived to the forest I knew we were going to win, we had a vast majority of the size and tactics.

Q:If you had to rearrange the Top 10, where would you put yourself, and where would you put HSA?

A:That is a very strange question, it is very tough to answer that, mostly due to the sole fact that most armies haven’t even had the opportunity to hold events, but if I had to be the judge, complete non-biased I would place HSA at 5th or 6th and us at 4th, but it could go either way, we both could be higher or lower, based on the opinions of others.

Q:Okay, one more question, about tomorrow’s defense, are you nervous about that whatsoever?

A:Well, obviously every event provides a challenge, I can only attend the first defense, but I think if we battle like we did today, we should easily retain our servers. HSA looks like they are starting to lose power and motivation, after todays battle.


Q:How do you feel about your army’s performance today

A:I think we did very well on our first even but, heading into the second one we started to decline in quality of tactics.

Q:In tomorrow’s invasion of Army Republic, are you nervous at all about the potential outcome? Also, what do you think the chances are you guys will lose?

A:No I am not nervous at all, we can beat AR and we will prove it to the entire club penguin army community. I don’t think we will be losing tomorrow, but I do expect us to be adding a few perks to our nation page in the form of servers.

Q:Ok, last question, as you were in 1st Generation, do you think this Generation, will come close to touching the Previous Generation’s Glory?

A:To be honest, no we are no capable of being able to reach the sizes we had in our first generation of HSA, but the good part about that is we can be near our 1st generation sizes if we can stick all of our heads together, instead of goofing off.


12 Responses

  1. Hot Sauce Army baby


  2. So detailed, very good post imo


  3. Army Republic all the way! Good post, love the detail and color in the interviews.


  4. HSA Will win.


  5. HSA Btw Whats Link To HSA Site


  6. Wow! Very colorful and detailed post. I don’t usually comment on how good the post was, but this was a fantastic post!


  7. hsa won!


  8. Lol, a 3ic of HSA even admitted we were bigger. x3


  9. HSA takes capital


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