Pirates Re-Constructing The Army?

Hello CPAC,

It’s Holo2, bringing you the News on the Pirates Army, after having a shocking fall, they seem to be improving themselves. After multiple changes they have been able to re-construct themselves, but will it last? Or will another fall come shortly?

The Pirates Army is well-known around the CP Army Community. The Pirates are being Lead by none other than Waterkid100, a common name around CPPA, but after a War broke out between Pirates and the Pretzels, the Pirates have seemed to have dropped, after sizes fell short of Waterkid’s expectations. Waterkid had this to say shortly after the War had been surrendered by the Pirates,

I thought we were ready to take on the Pretzels, but I guess I was wrong. This week was very shit and I was forced to surrender the war to the Pretzels, a medium army. This is very sad and if you’re in Pirates and reading this you should be ashamed of yourself for this happening. – Waterkid

 Water wasn’t very pleased with the performance his Army had shown, Pirates were capable of producing Sizes of 15-20, and during the War, the Pirates came up short, showing only half of what the could. In previous Pictures the Pirates displayed that they could produce such sizes, the fact that they produced such good sizes lead to them feeling it was a smart and tactical idea.

Pirates Army Before The War Doing E+K = Cakes

Pirates Army Before The War Doing E+9 = Mad Faces

Shown above, the Pirates were able to dominate in Size during events, but when the War arose, the Pirates fell short, showing only some of their true power. Shortly after the War had been ended, the Pirates Leader Waterkid decided that he would do an entire Re-Ranking, and if his Troops were interested in having the Ranks back, they could earn them again by attending an Event that was posted on the Pirates Website,




After executing this plan to Re-Rank the Troops, Water and the Pirates have shown that they are indeed ready to return to full power, as events were planned and results were produced, shown in the Pictures below the Pirates are rebuilt and are trying to get back on track,

Pirates Army After The War Doing E+8 = Sick Faces

Pirates Army After The War Doing E+7 = Wink Faces

This improvement has appeared fast, and the Pirates seem to be back on track, but is there a possibility that the Pirates could be de-railed once again? After showing that they could bounce back, are the Pirates going to continue on their journey throughout the Top Ten? Or will another problem arise and will it wreak havoc on the Army once again?

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  1. 3rd Join pirates!


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