Pirates Surrender to the Pretzels

A war has now ended which has started only to days ago on Sunday. Today, Pretzels had a record of 5-0 in this war, which made Waterkid officially surrender this war. As the treaty is not made yet and that the Pirates have surrendered, will the Pretzels continue on fighting?

There were only five battles in this war as it went on for only two days. Braveboy was really confident that his army would win this war against the Pirates, which did happen eventually where Water surrendered. Here are some pics of this war provided below:

“WALK THE PLANK” tactics done in this pic, as the Pretzels defend capital (UK EVENT).

E6 tactic done, as the Pretzels defended Southern Light (US Event).

EW tactic done, as the Pretzels invade Migrator (US Event).

The Pretzels were a dominant army in this war against the Pirates. Now, here is my exclusive interview with some Pretzel Leaders:

Me = Red

Holo = Orange

Fluffyboy = Blue

Chillie = Pink

Hey guys, mind letting me interview you all?




How do you all feel by winning the war against the Pirates?

Great, we completed a goal that we know can be tough at times, though now we won’t have any fear of the Pirates.

I feel the same way as Ray, our goal was to come out on the top over the Pirates, and it helped our UK Division as well.

I feel awesome, we had great sizes for the events, our main focus was to beat them in US Times and we did. 

Since there was no treaty made yet, will you guys still continue in the war with the Pirates?

No, I feel that what was done was enough and that what we are fine where we are.

Well, I don’t really want much wars. Honestly, wars are tearing the CP Army Community apart with all the hatred.

No, I think we are done with the Pirates for now. I think we did a good job. Now, we are going onto to the next one. 

As ST declared war on you guys, how do you guys feel in moving onto a new war with ST?

I feel that it’s a new challenge and we can benefit from this. 

Like I said before, CP Army Wars are getting teared apart from wars, but I look forward to the war. 

I think it’s a rising higher to our point. ST is a good army and I think they are one of the greatest armies ever. Though Pain leads it, and he used to lead us, it could create a drama, but who knows. 

Any final thoughts or comments you want to let the CP Army Community know?

We are coming for the Top Spot, be ready for us!

You can lose anything else in an army, but you can’t lose hope.

Thanks for your time and I wish you all the best for the future of your army.

As the Pretzels won the war against the Pirates, the Shadow Troops declared war on them. Back to back wars for the Pretzels, can they keep it up?

9 Responses

  1. You forgot my last part D:


  2. Yes, yes they can -wary-


  3. Fluffy was the hippie.
    Anyway, the Pirates war was nearly no hate, which is really rare.


  4. Huh. Looks like Pirates need to rebuild a bit.


  5. I thought Pretzels would win. Good Job!


  6. yay pretzels! FEAR THE SALT!


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