LT- Becoming a Colonial Empire?

Ice Box- Light Troop’s Rise to power has brought back an idea that is not new, but has been mostly forgotten by the majority of the population of armies.

Light Troop’s sudden rise to power and astounding sizes have surprised many in the community, Most thinking that the LT saga was dead after Ioioluk decided to pull the plug last December, LT has had sizes rarely seen by the majority of the army community in a while. Getting 40s at a few events, and just recently they’ve introduced back an idea rarely seen in CP armies.

Colonization  is an idea that arose in Cp armies a while back ago. The idea never really caught on and it essentially made it a merge of the colony. But thanks to Ioioluk’s modified system, this system is working far better, giving armies that sign up for colony status, benefits, here’s the entirety of Ioioluk’s rule system.

If you own a small/medium/almost large army, you can become a colony of the Light Troops.

What you receive

  • Light Troops full protection – We will come in our uniform and defend for you during wars when you need it.
  • Servers share – We will share all our servers with you, and you will be able to recruit and train on them. This will help you alot during wars as well.
  • Advertisement – We will put your army’s banner on our website and advertise you, which could bring in recruits in your army and also more popularity.
  • Chat rank – Depending on how big your army is, you will become an owner or moderator on our chat.

What you must give

  • Servers when needed – We may ask you to share some servers with us in times of need. You must accept at anytime.
  • Help during important battles – During war times, we may need your army to come and help us in our uniform.Take note that we will only be asking help during important war battles.

This system has already been a resounding success, Pirates, Tacos, and Assault force have already signed up for Colonial Status, which begs the question. Will this cause a mass rush to become colonial powers? Or will this idea/system eventually collapse and fade back into the memories of some. To answer this question. I went to LT chat and interviewed with Ioioluk, and Rufus100, Taco leader.

mr Derping tin

mr derping tin1

mr derping tin2

mr derping tin 3

mr derping tin 4

mr derping tin 5

As you see, Ioioluk is already thinking that other armies will do a copycat move and start their own colonial empire as I would like to say. In fact I’m going to Copyright it and give it a definition

 Colonial Empire- An army that has colonial control of 3 or more armies. ©

Anyway, That’s all from your resident Weatherboy1 here at CPAC, hope you all have a good evening, also please chat with me if you have any questions about Weather thank you 🙂

Also if you could, I’m sorry for doing this but if you could comment on the council page about a possible return that would be great:

12 Responses

  1. Officially copyrighted 🙂


  2. There is a difference between a Colony and a Vassal.
    A colony is a location that you or a supporter founds to expand your land and gather more resources.
    A Vassal is a conquered nation, whether it is from a war or if the Nation offers itself to become loyal to the Parent Nation.

    Just a pet peeve of mine when a person calls an army a colony when it is in reality a vassal.


  3. Colony sounds way better Tap. It reminds some of the vast European empires during the 17th to 19th centuries.


  4. Just waiting for GD to get big again and see if our lordship thing will take off…. Better than colonies.


  5. Sponsorship


  6. I like this idea. Next time I see Ioio i’ll give him a talk.


  7. I think Ioio made a smart move here


  8. Haha we used to enjoy colonizing dozens of small armies in UMA years ago..


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