The Dark Horse

FJORD — One army’s success and exploits sits unnoticed in the news; until now.

The Nachos have had little involvement in the Black Wars, only fighting several battles for the White Alliance before a swift end to the war. During this time, the Nachos bulked up, becoming a quiet, but powerful force to be reckoned with. Their rather quiet, isolationist behavior has left them rather unnoticed.


Nachos storm the Ice Warriors in the Snow Forts with puffle bombs

A brutal war with the Dark Warriors pushed the Nachos to the extreme, hurting all hopes they would achieve their peak they achieved in July 2012, defeating the Army of Club Penguin and beginning the ACP’s slow fall from the top. Recently, the Nachos have quietly reclaimed their #1 spot on CPAC’s top 10, tying with the Light Troops. This week, the Nachos defeated friendly rival Ice Warriors in a close, but clear practice battle to avenge the loss earlier this year (although the IW did beat the predominantly-USA army in a battle during Hurricane Sandy’s reign of terror.) The Nachos also defeated fellow #1 army of the week, the Light Troops, in a practice battle this evening, putting meaning into their standard of excellence which had recently gone unchecked.

Nachos exchange bombs with the Light Troops

Recently, the Nachos were mired with internal troubles that forced them to promote former leaders Dashing Snow, Zak, and Chrisi Blule to owner ranks. However, order has seemingly been restored and all has been restored to normal. The retirement rumors of leaders Ads and Puckley surround the army with a feel of mystery. The question is, how much longer can either of them lead? A successor has not been clearly stated.

Meanwhile, the Nachos and Golden Troops have mutually agreed to become “brother allies” much like the Army of the Republic and ACP. In the event of war, they will aid each other. What will this bring to the Nachos, who have historically never had a long-term ally?

Can the Nachos hold onto their current position? Can they keep up their success?


(The author, Shiver, was a former Nacho (2007-2012) who briefly served as assistant general and NSSA director during his 5-year tenure)

12 Responses

  1. what is this


  2. yolo swag


  3. I took that picture that said “NACHO ARMY NACHO ARMY NACHO ARMY NACHO ARMY” omg yay my pic is on here!


  4. 4/20 weed swagged out yolo


  5. I also have to go to work during the finale 🙂 but if they screw this the fuck up, I’m calling the first Brony Civil war


  6. i-have-to-go-to-work-during-mlps-season-finale
    me too


  7. I don’t think you understand the term “dark horse” entirely…


  8. Good post 😛 nachos forever! Perhaps we should be the salsa horse, or orange horse, not dark horse xD it’s true though, we’ve worked hard to not let ourselves get too involved in events we know are going to g wrong it seems, and our reward is being able to sneak up behind all the other armies who have nicked no.1 and take it from them.


  9. Nachos just beat LT in a PB,


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