How to Revive Mammoth [or any other server]


Hey everyone. Ioioluk here.

So LT was supposed to have another boring recruiting session today, but I decided to spice things up and find an opponent so we could have a friendly unscheduled practice battle. I looked at pretty much every large army chat, and even some medium ones. All the leaders said that they couldn’t since “they didn’t want to do bad.” I finally found the DCP leader and he agreed. So LT and DCP had an unscheduled PB. I was not even really paying attention to leading. We really just acted like this was a rogue fight and not a super duper important event. And guess what? It was more fun than staying ALONE on the server, in a line doing emotes.

Anyways, that is really not the point of this post. Asking all these leaders why they wouldn’t go on CP and have an unscheduled battle really got me thinking. Are we becoming this obsessed with power? Are we really getting this scared to go on CP and not have an event being a major success? It seems like if the event isn’t scheduled one week before, some armies don’t log on. If they don’t have one full chat and a half online, they don’t log on. I could keep going on like this. Basically, all armies are afraid of not doing their best.

I will continue with that point later on in the post, but for now, let’s look back in the past. We have tried to revive Mammoth countless times by using this one technique :

All armies will go on CP and fight for 2 hours and try to get people to join. This will make people want to come back on Mammoth and we will finally have it revived”

This is really ridiculous. First off, most armies don’t even attend those Mammoth revival events. Second, most of them don’t stay on CP for too long(too long being a maximum of 40 minutes). Third, we go once on Mammoth. Then what? I swear, after those “Mammoth revival” events, NOBODY comes back on Mammoth. Everyone acts like nothing happened. A few months later, we try the exact same thing.

This is clearly not going anywhere. Going once in a few months on Mammoth won’t “revive” it. Why? Because after that event, armies won’t come back on Mammoth to fight each other. Why? Because they are afraid to not do their best. They don’t want to show bad sizes unscheduled. They don’t want to “tire their troops out.” And all this kind of stuff.

Now imagine that we take a server, example Sleet, and we decide that all armies are invited to come and have unscheduled practice battles in the Snow Forts everyday FOR FUN. There won’t be any prize, there won’t be any kind of major competition. Just imagine all armies come there everyday to fight and have fun instead of being stressed of doing bad and going down in the top 10. If all armies would keep going like this for like one week or two, troops would finally get used and will enjoy coming on Mammoth. It won’t be a “one time” thing then everyone forgets about it. Everyday we would do this. We would have noobs trying to create their own armies. All armies would post on their site to come and defend Mammoth against all opponents.  This would work.

If you were in CP Armies before Mammoth kind of died, you remember that the ACP and Nachos leaders usually came on CP with their troops on Mammoth just to have fun and fight each other. It wasn’t one of those stressful “get on or you’re demoted” events. It wasn’t even scheduled. They just came there everyday, and that’s what made Mammoth fun.

Now I’m telling you all this. If you want to turn a server[like Sleet] into what Mammoth used to be, it’s not by having “one time events” on it. It’s by going there everyday, unscheduled to fight other armies. It’s by taking this less seriously and caring less about “we may not do very good” or “our troops will get tired”. It’s true, we do have some lazy people in CP Armies that won’t go online unless you force them. But we also have a good majority of soldiers who will WANT to go online and fight. As time passes, more people will be influenced and will want to go check out Mammoth[or any other server we choose to “revive”]. Once the server we chose becomes a war zone, more armies will want to have scheduled recruiting sessions on it. And slowly, it’s going to become the Mammoth we used to know.

Plus, we recruit many people from tracking chats. But these people kind of get bored of going on CP and going in a line and doing emotes. That’s really all we do. These people WOULD go on Mammoth[or any server we choose to revive] for something new. They wouldn’t think CP Armies are so boring and most of them would actually stay for more than one week. Think about it.

So I am asking you all this : Do you want to try this?


29 Responses

  1. I thought Blue said no more posting ideas.


  2. I like this man HSA is in either way


  3. I remember the good ol’ Mammoth days.


  4. Mammoth Revival Post #828181928


  5. Revives target server for > 24 hours


  6. I missed the old days on mammoth they were fun and I agree with this post


  7. I second the agreement, people can’t look at this post/idea and think of it as a fail, all it takes is combined effort. I’m sure there’s many more people who miss those ol’ mammoth days,


  8. I agree.


  9. I wanna do this so bad!!!! No leading, just running around cp, and talking, and role play. Throwing snowballs. Ivebeen waiting for somethinh like this!!!!!


  10. Great idea.


  11. I miss the old Mammoth days, too. But Iceyfeet tried this already, and it failed. I really don’t think this will happen even though this plan is baws.


  12. ioio, for once in a post. You were not ranting or raging about acp or any other army! OR about any war. seeing this post makes me think. Can there be a nice guy inside that cold hearted body. And yes there is! I like this idea about getting on sled or mammoth every day just to have a fun pb! Plus its not one of those events were the leaders are saying “GO TO THIS EVENT OR I WILL TRACK YOU DOWN AND KILL YOU!!!!” not saying some leaders would say that. But some would (looks at waterkid and unk) Anyway, I love this idea and this post and plus you seem like a nice guy now. I might join LT. Ok I’ll shut up now. :/


  13. Maybe the server just wants to be left alone( insert wary here)


  14. Kudos to whoever added a read more, this was taking up a bunch of space which makes me sad.


  15. Face it, Mammoth will NEVER EVER EVER become what it was. Mammoth was so popular because “famous” penguins and people who ran popular cheats websites back in the day went on Mammoth, attracting all their fans, etc. For reasons I don’t know Mammoth became less popular and Sleet became the hangout server. Now Sleet appears to be out dated for them and idk where they go now. Mammoth was so valued back then to ACP and UMA because the people who went on it understood cp websites and stuff like that.


    • Even with the origin of Mammoth being by ”famous penguins” [if that’s even true] most of the population on it was based on the snow fort rogue battles, sometimes the room would even be full. This type of population goes back to CP warfare interfering at some point and one of the concept changes would be more and more recruits growing into the habit, and eventually it expanding into a natural thing. You’d be wise to understand the idea at place, sir.


    • Now the “hangout server” is Zipline, we could try this tthere.


  16. I’ll run a mammoth website, if you’d like. Then, if all armies knew about stuff happening then they’d come on more often.

    The site could host fun games such as “Capture the Mammoth” for all armies to participate in, and battles. If what you’re suggesting ioio could work, then there would need to be more
    P1: I’m bored!
    P2: Me too!
    P1: Wanna go on mammoth and own some noobs?
    P2: Sure, everyone go on mammoth!

    If this was say, in nacho chat, and nothing was happening and there are a few people looking for fun in the chat, then you know it’d happen a lot.

    Seriously if I get positive feedback then I’d do it. I just want to know you’d all do it. I know I may have about little to none influence with this community so far, but I’m willing to make this work if you are, and I’m dedicated guy.

    So, opinions everyone? (please)


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