An event Idea

Blue2: While I appreciate ideas from the staff, I ask that you please stop posting them on the site as public forum posts (this is the 3rd one this week). I would much rather you suggest them to the management first.

Hello CPAC,

Today, I’m bringing you an idea I had passed around the Bluesockwa Brothers, and I was wondering if you as a community would approve of it.

Before I start on with my idea, I will tell you now that this could or could not happen, even if it is initiated I don’t see this happening until anywhere from April-June in order to not conflict with any of the plans of Ioioluk and The Blu Brothers.

This tournament is not really a tournament structure, it’s more of a massive controlled war. However there’s gonna be something special added in, it’s gonna be a lot more complex but I will try my best to explain it best I can.

Basically; each army entering in will be automatically assign different servers (any servers captured in this event will not effect any nations) Each server will have a different point value, Like say Alpine is worth 5 points to anyone who occupy the territory, and Klondike is 3 points. At the end of the war, the army/alliance with the most points wins the war.

In the beginning of the war, there will be several neutral servers. These servers have no point value but can give you and your alliance bonuses. Like for example, 1 bonus server will give you an extra USA invasion a day.

If you approve of this idea, I will give further more details and more exact rules and values to servers. Comment in the section below about what you think about this idea.

7 Responses

  1. First BOOYAH! oh wait that’s mch’s job


  2. I like it.


  3. Been there, done that, was pretty bad. Ninjas and a bunch of small armies participated and Ninjas, then third, won.


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