Top Ten Armies: 02/10/13

Blue2: After absolute epic rage, I consented to recalculate the Top Ten formula, and I have found that the Light Troops should really have been tied with the Nachos, and the same for ACP/IW. We apologize for these inaccuracies, which have been corrected.

As the Clash of the Unforgiven II draws near, and more armies compete for the top, let’s take a look at this week’s Top Ten.

Note: The Top Ten order was done by Bluesockwa1. The descriptions for the Top Five were done by Paco, and the descriptions for six through ten were done by Bluesockwa1. Please enjoy.

Top Ten Armies


1T. Nachos [+2] [94.70]

1T. Light Troops [+0] [94.70]

3T. Dark Warriors [-2] [93.88]

3T. Golden Troops [+0] [93.88]

5T. Ice Warriors [+1] [86.75]

5T. Army of CP [+0] [86.75]

7. Army Republic [+0] [84.75]

8. Pirates [-1] [68.75]

9. Hot Sauce Army [+2] [59.88]

10. Doritos [+5] [56.25]


Close to the Top Ten

11. Pretzels [NEW!]

12. Club Penguin Empire [NEW!]

13. CP Elemental Troops [+1]

14. Underground Mafias Army [-1]

15. Water Vikings [-6]


1T. Nachos: The Nachos are back and better than ever taking the top spot on this weeks top 10 with 30+ sizes and multiple pictures displaying this. The Nachos haven’t been on a roll like this in a while so it’s all a question whether they can keep it up or not. With the events against the Pretzels this week and recruiting events that passed expectations for the Nachos. Wilson500 had also retired this week, which shocked many Nachos but possibly motivated them to continue such sizes. The Nachos are having a Practice Battle with the Ice Warriors and hope to continue to keep this momentum through next week.


1T. Light Troops: The Light Troops have been doing good with sizes of 30 in the events they have recently had. LT has had a lot of events and a good tactic show, so it’s not surprise LT is right by the top in this weeks’ Top 10. The Light Troops have emphasized division events that entertained troops and kept the army going after the end of war with AR instead of doing nothing. LT has remained the same as last weeks’ consistency and sizes but the outbreak by the Nachos cost them number one this week.

3T. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors have been doing more of the same this week with a sizes of 25+ and tactics as well as consistency of events. The Dark Warriors have been doing good with battles with the Orange Alliance and held a PB with the Hot Sauce Army as well. Recruiting and Training also aided the DW’s stay within the Top Five this week. DW remains a strong force in the top 10 but loses its previous spot in the Top Five with the comeback of the Ice Warriors. The Dark Warriors need a little more to get back to the way they were in previous Top Tens.

3T. Golden Troops: GT take a big fall this week, but not due to a fall in their size, but to a rise in others’. They began the week with the ‘Orange Ball’, which was a joint session comprised of GT, Pretzels and DCP. The armies altogether reached sizes of around 30. The next day, GT declared war on the Light Troops, which would go on to be a joint war, with ACP and AR also fighting on the side of GT. On Tuesday, the army held a training session, with sizes of 25. The next day, the army invaded the server of Berg, which ended in the Light Troops keeping the server but in the battle being named a tie.


5T. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors have also made a big jump in the top 10 and are doing better than anyone expected. The IW are averaging pretty dominant 25+ sizes and have been in recent events with GD that displayed great size as well as great tactics. Other Events the IW had include successful recruiting and training events all week through and continued with this in the UK division as well. The IW look to upset the Nachos in a PB scheduled and hope to see a number one spot soon. The Ice Warriors hope to continue this rise and are clearly making a statement that they are back and on the attack!


5T. Army of CP: The Army of Club Penguin have had a small rise from last week and remain consistent with their sizes. Notable 20-25 in recruiting session as well as the invasion of HSA for Mammoth. The ACP seem to be growing once again but seem like a more UK dominant force than expected, not that it matters much. The ACP continued the week with successful recruiting sessions, defenses versus Shadow Troops and have more events posted to continue the pace for next week. Tactics and consistency keep the Army of Club Penguin a step ahead of the Army Republic in this weeks’ Top 10.

7. Army Republic: The AR have risen slightly this week with some decent sizes. Their week began on a sad note as their creator 122344a retired for what was the second time, after returning to help the Army Republic during multiple wars with the Black Alliance and other subset armies. The army wasted no time however, and had a spectacular event with sizes of 25-30 the next day. In other event the same day, the army maxed 22. Then on Wednesday, the AR raided the Light Troops as their war continued, with sizes of 20-25. Two days later, the army successfully invaded Toboggan with sizes of 20-25. As the week ended, the war with LT was called off, but at great cost to the AR. They are in the process of rebuilding.


8. Pirates: The CPPA has had a decent week. As the week began, the army claimed the servers of Dry Ice, Puddle, and Mullet. That same day came a historic victory when the Pirates claimed victory on Mammoth along with the Shadow Troops, Light Troops, Dark Warriors, SWAT, UMA, and HSA. The next day, the army held a USA Training Session with sizes of 5. Also that day came the army’s succession from the CP Army Council and a party on Club Penguin. Three days later the Pirates held a recruiting session, with sizes of 20, and another session on Arctic the next day, with sizes of 25. Finally, the week was topped of with a final recruiting session on Beanie, where the Pirates showed sizes of 15-20.

9. Hot Sauce Army: The Hot Sauce Army snags 9th in the Top Ten this week, breaking in the Top 10 after only two weeks. On February the 3rd, HSA held a Practice Battle with the Chaos Army, with sizes of 15. Two days later, the army claimed Hibernate with sizes of 15-20. Finally to top off the week, the HSA had an event yesterday with the ACP, with sizes of 25.

10. Doritos: The DCP break into the Top Ten this week. They had many events this week with sizes of 5-10, however they did have a few events with 15-25, which land them the number 10 spot. Those events will be recounted here. Yesterday, the Doritos held an event with sizes of 10-15, and another that same day with sizes of 20-25.



So, what do YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Comment with YOUR opinion!


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81 Responses

  1. Why is Assault force not 15th? Just saying bro.


  2. LT should be first


  3. Shadow Troops should be in this


  4. What’s Elemental Troops site? Not even on Google…


  5. Wooh, bad week for WV xD


  6. I’d say that Nachos and IW were too high and GT were too low.


  7. what about hsa beating acp and them placing 4 spots higher than us?


  8. Where is the “Close to the Top 10” section? It’s stupid, but after awhile you get used to it and enjoy seeing the rising and falling of small armies.


  9. Shadow troops got 20+ why arent we on that…… wow top 10s are biased


  10. I’d say overall this wasn’t a terrible top ten, but compared to previous ones, it wasn’t so great. AR should be lower.HSA,CPPA, and Doritos should be higher
    Pirates US Division had 10, not 5. –
    Doritos had 30+ –

    That was a bad picture of HSA.



  11. Spartans are rising. We got 13+ at last event Saturday. We will get here soon…


  12. @Benjarkin and Shad

    I took a look at, your usual site, and, which I was told recently is your current site. It would be beneficial in the future if you would notify me when you switch to a new site.


  13. […] they surrender us. Also, after a week of lots of drama, we have still managed to get 11th in CPAC! We will get higher and higher as out sizes get bigger like our last event, which was amazing. So, […]


  14. Nachos get 1 event with “maybe” 30 and LT gets around 3 events with\with 40-45 yet Nachos get 1st? Does that make sense? Plus LT had way more events/post this week and had great tactics.


  15. A confusing Top Ten., though again, good sizes from armies in general.


  16. Just seeing all this you can tell this is total biasedness and dont bs about the avg you got an army at 6th that got 5 this week. 1st LT 45 dont count aussie events blue1 just hates them 2nd Nachos 3rd Dark Warriors 4th Ice Warriors 5th tied ACP and GT 7th Pirates 8th tied HSA and AR 10th PCP dont make a biased one next time or thats 5 in a row even the one with pcp was biased


  17. this is a computer i only put my skills to use if im on a news site or in school this is the time to cool down for me so yes look in the f section btw did the avg for 1st and 2nd with the aussie event LT 31.25 if you avg it off nachos avg 30 you messed up big time mate.


  18. You kinda got our size wrong… Js.


  19. I’m not in the Light Troops, but it is pretty obvious that they were going to have the 1. spot. For the Golden Troops “GT takes a big fall this week.” Not really we had a great training session, that is not even a good picture of us, and we also tied an invasion with the Light Troops and we remain at our spot from last week yet you state “GT Takes a big fall” even though we never fell down a rank. Dark Warriors should not be tied with us they only had like 1 event during the week. Other than that congrats to the Nachos, at least one of my armies made the top spot.

    1. Light Troops
    2T. Nachos
    2T. Golden Troops
    4. Dark Warriors
    5. Ice Warriors
    6. ACP
    7. Army Republic
    8. Pirates
    9. Hot Sauce Army
    10. Doritos


  20. ST should be on this top ten, this is ridiculous.


  21. An idea I have is a daily power rankings where ranks are switched daily for an example lets take pcp if they dont have an event for a bit they will drop if they have a good event they will rise up a bit, this will decrease it decreases raging because you can bounce back everyday


  22. Lol what’s with all the hate on the nachos? We’re happy we got a number 1 spot and have all been working really hard, so you guys should learn to accept this top 10 and be happy that we finally got 1. Again 😀


  23. Go Nachos and Golden Troops!!!!


  24. Um… You forgot our event… AGAIN


  25. Nachos have 26 in their pic and LT has 40…


  26. As for Nachos being first and LT being second, Nachos may have not been as big, but their tactics are MUCH better than LT’s.


  27. On the bright side, every army got 20+ during at least one event. The top two got around 30 every event and maxed maybe 35-40. It’s a good week for CP armies as a whole.


  28. LT are 1st! *maybe*


  29. You gave in to rage? I’m disappointed :/


  30. ST should be in here.


  31. What the heck? impossiburr look at GT’s size this week


  32. Cool LT number one thats 2 weeks in a row 😀


  33. elemental troops website is


  34. Even though I hate Lord Pain to all extents, ST should be in the top ten.


  35. YAY Pretzels! I’m in dw and unk has been in rage mode lately.




  37. DW was expected to reach #1. Eventually, Nachos beat em up. Good job everyone!




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