Clash of the Unforgiven II || Information and Times [UPDATED]

Blue2: Sorry about the original draft; it was an old draft where teams were based on outdated Top Ten info and the times on my (apparently foolish) assumption that most of the US would have a 4-day weekend on President’s Day. Corrected times and teams are below. 


Forgiveness is for the many.

Vengeance can be but for one.

Yes, the time has come once again for another CPAC tournament. After my promotional post was put out around a week ago, many of you have already figured out what this tournament is going to be. So, here’s all the information and times for the CPAC Clash of the Unforgiven II.

In keeping somewhat with the orignal Clash of the Unforgiven, which was held as a ‘World War For Fun’ after the ACP/RPF was called off in early 2009, armies will be divided into 2 teams, this time of 5 armies per team.


Light Troops, Nachos, Ice Warriors, Hot Sauce Army, Doritos


Army Republic, Army of CP, Pirates, Dark Warriors Golden Troops

These are the teams for now; if one of the armies listed wants to decline participation please COMMENT ON THIS POST so I many replace you.


So here’s how this is gonna work. Each army on an individual team will be given a room or rooms as their ‘spawn’ per say. They will stay there until the judge announces the start of the battle. At that time, the army’s objective is to capture as many rooms as possible from the enemy armies while still holding onto the ones they have captured. Invasions of the rooms of allied armies do not count, and armies are permitted to further divide within their teams as they see fit, (I.E. Pirates and LT both go to attack a room held by only ACP) however all invasions still count toward the team score.


EDIT: A much nicer map courtesy of Austin.

(Click to Enlarge)

Please refer to this map to avoid any other issues. Leaders, if your army does not wish to participate please comment here so I may replace them.


  ❗ Times

When: Sunday, February 17th

Where: Mammoth, Everywhere


2:00 PM EST

1:00 PM CST

12:00 AM MST

11:00 AM PST

7:00 PM GMT



1. All chat recruiting must end one hour before the battle is set to begin.

2. Allies are not permitted unless stated otherwise by tournament rules.

3. The word of the Head Judge(s) is final and absolute.

4. No raging at/insulting of/arguing with/belittling of the judges will be tolerated and can result in disqualification. This includes rage posts following the battle.

5. No hacking/DDoSing/threatening or use of other means to get an unfair or unlawful advantage over another army is permitted.

6. Bots are not permitted at any time.

7. Spying is not permitted unless stated otherwise in the tournament rules.

8. Judges must be allowed to be on your army’s chat at the time of the battle, regardless of their affiliation or previous history with your army.

9. No raiding of other battles in which your army is not involved is permitted.

10. The above rules are subject to change at anytime at the Head Judge’s discretion.

Additional Rules for Clash of the Unforgiven II Only

1. Armies must move overland and may not use the teleport feature in any capacity during th battle.

2. The successful capture of a room will be determined by the judges using two factors:

a. The retreat of the defending army.

b. The successful defeating of the defender for 5 consecutive minutes (as decided by the judges)


So that’s about it. Any questions, please comment them or see me on chat. Leaders, please comment to approve your army’s participation so I can make changes if need be.

♣||»Sιя Bℓυєsσ¢кωa тнє 2η∂«||♣

CPA Central CEO

46 Responses

  1. Sorry about all that. :mrgreen: I have a history of screwing up tournaments and it looks like this is just another in a long line.


  2. GT will come.


  3. AR will try and come, but you guys realize CP is going to be horrible for this right?


  4. The Nachos will be attending.


  5. Switch LT with GT and it’d be OA vs BA+ WA *wary*.


  6. LT accepts.


  7. Rabbit accepts
    (I will dress in a blue bunny costume and hop around the rooms)


  8. Brilliant idea for a tourney. In theory. Not sure if it will work as well as you hope. Sadly, i cannot attend i have church. But i hope all goes well! And the person who picked teams must be brilliant, or stewpid for putting CPPA and ACP on the same team.


  9. Great cant wait next sunday 😀


  10. Epical. Sounds pretty intense!


  11. If an army cannot attend can UMA come?


  12. If an army declines can WV fill the spot? Weve been in the Top Ten for a few weeks now, except this week


  13. Also, why is ST not te


  14. o god why did you change the teams now i have to choose between them!




  16. Should have put LT with ACP.


  17. Where is ST?


  18. May the best team win (which was the one at the top haha)


  19. Soon you will need a epic gaming computer to run Club Penguin.


  20. Alright, we returned and now were brighter then ever.We destriod Ar and now it’s time to pwn every cp army (watch ur back Acp we diddnt forget about u)


  21. Armies. It’s good to see that you’re still buzzing around. Can’t wait to see you fellas duke it out.


    Thunder of Sled


  22. unlesh hell!!!!




  24. […] We will be spawning at the outside of the Mine, and we work together with our team to invade. Please make sure you can attend this, as this is important and I really want us to hit the 30 mark on Club Penguin. If we do reach 30, I will be giving our promotions to the members and they can get moderator rank, and if some owners don’t attend this then I’m afraid I will have to demote them to moderator rank unless they prove to be worthy of their rank. Everyone is also required to chat recruit an hour before the event. Let’s do this Pirates. If you want to read the post by CPAC, click HERE. […]


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