News: Light Troops Defend Sleet from Army Republic – War Over

SLEET- As LT have been battling their way through their war with AR, the war has been coming to a close.  AR recently invaded the server Sleet, which brought an end to the war.

On the eighth of February, LT and AR battled on Sleet.  LT managed to reach high numbers in sizes and maxed round 35 with a well display of tactics.  AR on the other hand only reached around 7 but also had some good tactics.

Below, LT chants “Join the bright side” in capital letters while AR does the E+9 tactic in the Snow Forts.

Below, LT does the E+H tactic in the Snow Forts.

In the end, AR surrendered the battle and the war to LT.  Following the battle, a treaty was made between AR and LT.  The two armies agreed that neither army could invade the other for one month.  LT also kept all of AR’s servers except Toboggan.  The following picture was posted as proof on the LT site:

As for AR, they will be rebuilding, as stated in a post on their site:

Well as the title says it, the war between LT and us, is over, and we have a treaty for no war for at least a month. They let us get away with our capitol, which is all we need, we will rebuild by training a lot, and recruiting even more. Granite I am not happy with our performance today on Sleet, but that’s just one bad event, we’ll do better next event. Now, this post is for the invasion of free land.

AR then posted invasions of Outback and Berg.  LT, of course, still has battles against the Assault Force, and also recently updated their divisions.  

Comment with YOUR opinion on the war?  How did the final battle go?  Will AR be able to rebuild?  What lies beyond in the future for the two armies?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Associate Producer

5 Responses

  1. “Granite I am not happy with our performance today on Sleet”
    Are you serious? Granite is a rock, granted is what you mean. Also, 1st.


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