News: Back in Black?

MIGRATOR — Are the Black Wars continuing as a proxy war?

NOTE: Any ideas stated in this post are purely opinion and a reflection of the popular belief of the people. CPAC or it’s staff do not share or endorse these ideas.

Back in Black?

After the Hot Sauce Army defeated the Army of Club Penguin, many questions were raised about the motive behind this. The Black Alliance and White Alliance are both bound by treaties to prevent war with each other for some time. The fact the HSA attacked Mammoth — with Waterkid helping to lead the battle — makes many think that Waterkid is back planning another attempt on the ACP. With two of the BA’s primary American forces out of commission (Dark Warriors and SWAT,) many believe the Hot Sauce Army is in with the Light Troops to crumble the White Alliance.

After the victory, the Hot Sauce Army decided to share Mammoth with the Pirates. This was another pointer to a possible BA reunion, as the Pirates highly coveted the holy server of Mammoth, unsuccessfully attempting to capture it recently due to violation of the 24 hour rule. The leader at hand, former Icy Troops leader Monster, was previously in the Black Alliance, shedding even more light on this situation. The BA is currently suspected to include the Dark Warriors, Light Troops, HSA, and Pirates — although none of this is confirmed and highly unlikely.

The HSA denies any involvement in the Black Alliance, as do the Pirates. The HSA leadership states this was an attempt to gain more land for the growing army. The Pirates deny any involvement in the battle or the HSA.

The Light Troops recently thrashed around the Army of the Republic in a one-sided war, stealing all servers away from them except for their capitol, Toboggan. The Army of the Republic has been left in bad shape and expects to rebuild. Some suspect the Black Alliance were behind this for revenge against the White Alliance army. The Light Troops are suspected to find either the Ice Warriors or Nachos for their next victim. Any WA intervention would be slim due to AR being treatied out of the war and ACP’s current out-of-shape state.

However, unlike most BA armies, the HSA do not scorn or flame their enemies after war. Also, a war has not been declared, but ACP Leader Kingfunks hints toward one. The question is, is this a real attempt for the HSA to gain more land, or for the Black Alliance’s revenge against ACP? What will the Light Troops do next?

6 Responses

  1. I also find it strange, is that several days ago Waterkid joined for Master General, until a small riot happened demanding Waterkid to not be mod, but instead was given a high member rank. Isn’t it strange? An enemy ACP fought for months, and when the war finally ends, they are all fine and dandy?


  2. What I find is that CPAC writes a lot of posts about LT Lol


  3. I’d like to see HSA and ACP war, but not for a massive flame war but a civilized war. Something to try redeeming armies.


  4. Light Troops has always hated AR, nothing to do with BA and WA.


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