Shadow Troops’ Revolution Diminished

Recently, the a group of Shadow Troops decided that a leadership consisting of Lord Pain and his removal and banning of several ex-leaders had been enough. They decided to attempt a rebellion against him, and the Shadow Troops looked like it could be a civil war for them. However, Lord Pain and the ST administration managed to stop this rebellion before it became an out-of-hand issue. King Phooey, a major part of the rebellion, announced yesterday that he would retire both the rebellion and himself. The Shadow Troops look to move on after this rebellion and try to recover whatever was destroyed or handicapped during this skirmish.

The Shadow Troops were on a roll lately. Their top ten performances are outstanding, and are certainly the image of a job well done. Despite this, they still had internal struggles. Lord Pain wasn’t liked by several of the troops, disliked so much that they decided to plot to overthrow the recently instated leader. A major part of this rebellion was King Phooey, a troop dedicated to the Shadow Troops for years and led the Shadow Troops in 2007. He felt as though the acts Pain committed were unjust.

Furthermore, a rebellion was created. They retorted against Pain’s new conditions, and wanted things changed from their current state. The ones who were loyal to the original army thought this was silly and unprecedented. The rebels, however, didn’t make much of a statement before things changed. Hopes of removing Pain and/or his ideas soon grew further and further away, until King Phooey decided it was not needed.

On February 7th, the rebellion was done. Soon after creation, it crumbled and so did its purpose. On February 8th, it was announced officially that Phooey told Pain that he would officially terminate the rebellion and his army career. In the post entitled “The End of the Rebellion- King Phooey’s Retirement,” it is announced that the rebellion and Phooey’s time in ST were both over.

Greetings Shadow Troops,

The rebellion is finally over King Phooey came forth to me and told me that he is retiring and ending the rebellion. His mature and honest actions have marked that the new ST has a secure future. Through this new regime we will rise and blacken CP Armies with the power of our shadow and might. Once again we will be a world power, once again we will be dominant we will never suffer death again. We will survive, this is an army of survivors, an army that has been here since 2007 the beginning of all armies! We are the Shadow Troops and from this day forward our great leaders the lords Commando, Pain, and Ben stand unopposed! I never mean’t to cause this rebellion but I had no choice but to ban those legends at the time, now they will all be unbanned and modded. However their careers in ST unfortunately can no longer continue. There comes a time when one grows too old for armies and no longer has the time or can fit in and cooperate with the new blood in the army. For our veterans that time has come, all of our legends will be remembered for their past contributions. However they are simply no longer effective army staff and we are going to allow our new blood to bring greatness to ST. But if any of the legends prove to be a disturbance on chat they will be re-banished. Thank you King Phooey for doing what was right for ST, now you can retire a hero. No one involved in the rebellion is going on the HOS, we want the legends to be remembered for their past contributions and not for this mistake. Lastly with this picture I show King Phooeys approval:

king phooey

King Phooey joined the Shadow Troops and became leader in 2007 he later stopped coming on around 2008-09. He is officially retiring today on 2/7/13 and going out a hero rather than a rebel and for this he has gained my respect. He is one of the loyalest and longest lasting members of ST. He helped to lead when the Shadow Troops were 1st on CPAC. He is ST’s first stock car driver (he wanted me to put that). He is country (he also wanted me to put that). The Shadow Troops were the only army he was in besides the rebel army. He tied a war with DW when they were first on CPAC. He likes to think of himself as a leader/director and never went on CP much. This is just a few things King Phooey wanted me to mention about himself. He will be remembered forever in the storybook of the Shadow Troops.

This post finalizes the end of the rebellion and explains Pain’s new-found admiration for Phooey. As the rebellion has witnessed its final skirmish, the Shadow Troops look to reclaim unity. Pain, Commando, and Ben remain current ST leaders, despite efforts by rebels to change. Although a painful rebellion, the Shadow Troops survived and thrived through it in size and looks to get even better.


12 Responses

  1. Wow I’m not even mentioned, if I didn’t leave the rebellion, the rebellion would still be going o.o I was a major part of it….After I left the rebellion pretty much ended, King Phooey just finished the job……


  2. Its ok guys, we dont need a rebellion, though im disapointed this didnt work out i’ve decided that its all ok, it doesnt take long for Pain to get overthrown anyways, we just have to sit back and let nature take its course…

    Ex ST 2ic,
    – Rabbit720


  3. There comes a time when one grows too old for armies and no longer has the time or can fit in and cooperate with the new blood in the army

    Because apparently this doesn’t apply to Pain every time he joins a new army, even though he’s a teenager and values armies over his IRL life


  4. Patience is a virtue.
    Wait till Pain fails 1st then start one.
    Three in the bush is better than one in the tree.


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