News: Council Dissolved

KLONDIKE — The CP Army Council has announced their decision.

End of the Line

The Council was re-established two months ago to help settle massive conflicts between superpowers in our community. One way they contributed massively was by signing into law a ceasefire that would protect it’s signees for almost a month. This advancement helped to slow down the Black Wars and restore temporary peace. However, the ceasefire’s conclusion led to mass chaos among battle times and results, with the Black Alliance declaring several invasions against the Army of Club Penguin in one day and neither side admitting defeat. The Council began to judge battles, and slowly began to gain notoriety for several controversial decisions. The ACP began to disown the Council after they declared ACP lost a closely contested battle with the Pirates over Mammoth. The Pirates followed soon after, citing the controlling laws, bias, and questionable decisions as the reason they seceded from the Council. Shortly after, the  Pirates, UMA, and Dark Warriors each announced their decision to leave the Council. A few days later, the Council announce their immediate dissolution. The main reasons that the Council may have been dissolved are believed to be the absence of longtime boss Boomer20 and the proposal of several controversial, questionable laws concerning how many invasions can be undertaken a week, although the official reasoning behind the dissolution is the secession of several armies and internal conflict within the Council’s ranks over issues such as servers. No successor has been established or named at the time of this post. The Council’s laws no longer apply to any army, bringing the community back to pre-Black Wars law and order. However, the 24-hour rule will still apply. As a result, multiple invasions, hidden invasions, and server trading are now free options for any army previously associated with the Council. The Anti-Hack Bill is expected to be enforced by independent leaders, but will have no central enforcement.

Excerpt from council site:


25 Responses

  1. First. I think that the dissolution is the most questionable decision yet.


  2. Princess Skyla is not on.


  3. Need not apply over here.


  4. The Council is definitely needed. Dear Lord, the sheer disorganization of wars we’ve had without it! ACP are just being spoiled brats because the Council isn’t biased to ACP. The Council should just decide to make something similar to the Laws of War from Geneva, Switzerland where everyone agrees. It will take time, but it will be worth it.


  5. the start of the end is near


  6. lol first, Quote of the year “I don’t comprehend the amount of idiocy you’re exhibiting”

    Second, the idea of an army Council is good. And can be very beneficial to the army community. However, I do belive that a Council should be unbiased. The last Council was blantly biased. And they could not have picked a worse time to revive the Council. We had just remedied the potential World War (i do not know if it was declare one or not) And there was already a huge chasm between the armies. All it would take was a small spark to throw us over the brink of a World War. It would not matter if the Council was 100% unbiased. Some one would inevitably say it was and then the headlines would read “Whatever army declares war on ACP due to them thinking Council is biased” Then “More armies join Whatever army in war vs ACP” Then we would have “this army and that army come to aid ACP!” (Note: I suck at headlines, dont hate) BOOM World War. The best time for a Council to be set in place is when there is no tension in armies.


  7. The thing is, the Council was Pro-WA.


  8. Boomer 20 is not in “absence” either, by the way. He made a retirement post and has stayed far from armies in result. You can still find him on xat.


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