News: By The Powers Of Naughtiness

MAMMOTH — The Hot Sauce Army shows it’s newfound power against the veteran Army of Club Penguin

The Hot Sauce Army was recently revived by previous leader Dudex and has led the army to modest fame in it’s current rendition. They began to seek bigger fame and more power, like all aspiring armies do. To pull this off, they decided to invade Mammoth, the holy land of the ACP that the Pirates unsuccessfully attempted to capture recently. The battle was very one-sided, with a surrender from ACP co-leader Foldez within 30 minutes, outlining the need for a stronger US division in the ACP, former SWAT leader Ganger90 being a candidate for the ACP division leader. The ACP, while showing short bursts of American power in the previous war, have struggled outside of UK events. The HSA averaged 17 throughout the battle and maxed 20, while the ACP averaged 9 and maxed 12. While the taking of Mammoth may seem like an act of war, the HSA only mean to conquer no territory and have no plans to go to war.  The HSA, being friendly with former BA head and Pirate Waterkid100, have decided to share Mammoth with the Pirates. This act has led several to believe it was organized by Waterkid100, using an ally to take the holy server that he could not himself. With rumors of the BA returning swirl around, some now believe HSA is in with the Dark Warriors and Pirates on another rendition of the Black Alliance. However, it is unlikely as the HSA or ACP are not expected to declare war. Result: HSA successfully invades Mammoth from the ACP.

The Hot Sauce Army and ACP square off in the Plaza

ACP and HSA duel in the Snow Forts


What does this mean for the Hot Sauce Army? This will most likely be a single step in their journey to the top, or their status as a secret weapon.


7 Responses

  1. ACP will always get buttrap.ed


  2. This is going to get HSA into deep sh*t with White Alliance. They need to keep their butts out of the ACP wars/invasions and try to stay it safe. Thats what i’d do though, idk about HSA leaders.


  3. ACP could honestly have a good USA division if they actually recruited more. The American owners really need to take more responsibility. Primarily, Swimmerboy, because he would be probably the next ACP leader, and he is American. I’m not sure if I’ve seen Swimmerboy ever recruit, nevertheless he doesn’t go to that many battles.


  4. ACP has fail us division because their leader is uk


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