Alliance Proves Successful — Considered it a Deserved Victory

BERG — the first battles of the far from over war between the Light Troops and the alliance just got over with.  All armies contributed great sizes to the battlefield.

Long story short, the Golden Troops invaded Berg a little bit before the Army Republic invaded back their capital known as Toboggan.  It was a great battle between GT and LT on the battle server, Berg.  The two agreed that it was a tie, so in the end, LT would be keeping the server.  However, AR’s plan worked.  GT had tired out LT that LT didn’t bother to show up to the Toboggan defense.  Could that have been strategy though on Ioioluk’s behalf?


The two armies intertwine their lines, doing the mad face emote at the snow forts.

Jerry, GT leader, complained of how LT did nothing but stand in their line and do joke bombs.  To back up the accusation, looking at the two armies sites it is clear that LT did in fact stand in GT’s line for a majority of the pictures.  Here is what Jerry had to say,

I am disappointed in LT for not giving us a great fight, for they stood in our lines and did jokes about 7 times (we kept count). Next time, try and fight us the way we’re meant to fight.

Nevertheless it was a great battle indeed.  It’s great to see two armies getting big sizes like this again.  It’s not huge, but it’s a step up from where armies have currently been dwelling.  Surprisingly the leaders agreed to a tie without much of a ruckus.  After GT was done with their invasion, it commenced AR’s march on Toboggan.  They were faced with no opponent.


The ghost army in a curved line at the cove chanting their victory over Toboggan.

Where do they go from here?  Continuing on the war, AR has more invasions scheduled.  I am excited to see what this weekend plays out for the alliance.  The Australian army, Assault Force, will be invading four servers.  Two on Saturday, and obviously, two on Sunday.  The alliance definitely has an edge on the American yellow army.  However, in the past, LT is known for training an Australian division.

What is YOUR opinion?  Do you think it was a deserved victory on behalf of the alliance?  Could the tides be changing soon (in favor of LT)?  With the introduction of AF this weekend, could the alliance continue an brutal attack?  Let us know in the comments below!

~Vice President, Mchappy

5 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:


  2. No great fight? They won anyway lol


  3. I say it was a great fight. I might of not been able to make it that time but from that pic above, I think we did just fine.


  4. Gt and LT had a peace treaty and AR has now surrendered.


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