Water Vikings Lose to Orange Ally, Pretzels, Over Capital

SPARKLE — on February 5, 2013, the Pretzels had an invasion set for Sparkle.  Sparkle was the capital of one of their Orange Alliance member’s, the Water Vikings.  After an unexpected twist, the Pretzels walk away with the server under their empire.

The Pretzels decided that it would be best to go to war with WV for one particular reason.  A fight to the finish, a fight to the top ten.  The leaders decided that WV would be the perfect army to help guide them into the infamous top ten.  However, there was a lot of outrage from WV when they figured out the Pretzels were invading them.  After all, the two were allies in the OA, and the thought of one backstabbing the other was almost unheard of.

Addressing the situation on behalf of the Pretzels, Chillie17 explain his armies actions.

First off, we are not trying to make this a move of betrayal. PCP and WV have been close allies for quite some time, and now that we all of a sudden declared war may sound stupid, but a main reason was to get PCP into the Top Ten. When an army enters the Top Ten, another goes out. Now we aren’t trying to  make WV’s chances at getting into the Top 5 extinct. We are just trying to find the best matched army for us that we can have a fierce battle with to get to the Top 10.

Bepboy9, one of WV’s leaders, commented later how a betrayal is still a betrayal.  He was definitely not pleased with the actions portrayed by the Pretzels.  His comment clearly reflects the real emotion behind the others in the vikings army.  Both armies are known to be very friendly, share some of the same soldiers, and get along very well.

Only one battle has there been a confrontation between the two.  There are still four more invasions on Pretzels side.  The invasion of Sparkle, which was fought at four in the evening, PST time.  Even with it being a battle on the enemy’s capital, the blue and orange sizes were very uneventful.  The most amount WV could produce was three; whilst the Pretzels could sum up to eight.   These sizes definitely do not uphold to the norm of major armies in the top ten.


Pretzels in a vertical line shout “IS THIS OUR CHALLENGE?” at the town, on the other hand WV calls for reinforcements.

Personally, I do not believe this will turn into a hate-filled war.  It has already seemed that some of Pretzels’ invasions have been skipped.  WV are yet to even post about the Sparkle defense, they even deleted their defense all together.  Most likely the feud has been settled by now.  I cannot help to think that this has damaged a bond though.  The OA is now left to deal with possible corruption in their leadership ranks.  Unfortunately, the Pretzels’ are missing the whole nine yards of why they originally declared war.  They are not showing sizes that are yet worthy of the top ten.  Even the WV are showing unimpressed sizes from what we know they can pull off.

What is YOUR opinion?  Will this break the armies friendship?  Will the WV be seeking vengeance in the future?  How will the OA react to the whole ordeal?  Let us know in the comments below!

~Vice President, Mchappy

8 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:


  2. I’m suprised no one reported on the council’s Dissolution


  3. I sense some hate going on, but hopefully this won’t be a fragmentation of the OA and just a friendly, short, war.


  4. Pretzels should return WV servers after the war
    No hard feelings


  5. I Didn’t even know why we declared war O.o


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