Tournament idea(By Ioioluk)

Hey everyone.

I was just thinking about something new to introduce in CP Armies, and I’ve come up with a new type of tournament. I don’t really have any idea on what to call it, but that’s not the important part. Let me explain you what this tournament will be.

There will be 6 groups of 2 armies each, and each group will start out with 4 servers decided by CPAC. Armies will be teamed up with their enemies, and no more than 2 invasions a day per group is allowed. There will be judges deciding the winner of every battle to avoid fights and flame wars. The two armies in each group will wear their own colors. Once a group loses all their servers, they are out of the tournament. Each server claimed by one group from another adds up, so if army X has 4 servers but takes one from army Y, then army X has 5 servers. The tournament will last until there is only one group left. Then, there will be one final battle between the 2 armies in the winning group.

You may be wondering “Why are armies teamed up with their enemies?” Well, it’s simple. I know how armies work nowadays and I know if we don’t do things like that, huge alliances like the WA/BA will be created right when the tourney starts. So teaming up armies with their rivals is really just to avoid huge alliances. Please, just don’t start some stupid WA/BA thing again.

Now let me explain more in detail how this is going to be fought. First off, armies in each group WILL be in their own uniform during battles. Each group also cannot have more than 2 invasions a day. That doesn’t mean 2 invasions per army in the group, it really means 2 invasions per group. Of course, if a battle is to close, we will have judges deciding the winner. Finally, when there is one group left that owns every server, they have won. There will be one final battle between the armies in that group to decide the best army in the tournament.

Mammoth will also be a very special server during this tournament. Mammoth will start out being neutral to all groups, but every Saturday, from 1 PM EST to 4 PM EST, Mammoth will be turned into a full war zone, and groups will battle on it for a total of 3 hours. In the end, judges will decide which group did the best and will declare it owners of Mammoth. I know most of you are going to be lazy and not even stay more than 30 minutes, but capturing Mammoth is a pretty big reward. The group who captures this server will be able to take 3 servers(without having to invade) from another group of their choice, and own them until they lose Mammoth(know that Mammoth can only be lost/won on Saturdays). They will also be able to receive one free server that will be added to the tournament. So the army who fights the best during Saturday will have a pretty huge strategical advantage. I think it’s worth it.

Here is an official list of the most important rules for this tourney.

  • No bots.
  • 24 hours notice, as usual.
  • 2 groups cannot team up and invade another group in the same time, because that wouldn’t be fair.
  • Don’t complain about the judge’s decision.
  • No more than 2 invasions per day.
  • If an army loses all their servers, they are OUT of the tournament and cannot help or invade anybody.
  • Invasions are 40 minutes long.
  • All other rules on the council.

Rewards : 

I have thought about multiple rewards that should be awarded to the winning group.

  • The best army in the tournament will be made 1st on the top 10.
  • The winning group will have their army banners on CPAC’s sidebar for 2 or 3 weeks.
  • The council will give 2 free servers to the winning group(armies in the group will share them).
  • An awesome trophy will be awarded to the winning group.

So that’s about it. I probably didn’t explain this to the fullest and there might still be some questions that you want answered, so if that’s the case, just comment and I’ll reply. I will most likely make another post about this to answer everything.

Please vote on the following poll.

You can also leave some suggestions in the comments. I’ll take time to read them all 😉

Until next time,


33 Responses

  1. I was told by Ioio on ACP chat to read it.


  2. no. no. this won’t work.
    Ioioluk : Please explain why and give some suggestions. Constructive criticism, please.


  3. That would be a sexy tourney


  4. But will it work is the question.


  5. In theory: Great idea
    In Execution: I’m just not sure.


  6. Seems like a pretty epic idea – Although what if two groups invaded another two groups server? Now that would be like the fights of old. Also it would be like a merger – a temporarily merge so that the armies wouldn’t have problems deciding who was leader and who wasn’t.


  7. Oh my gherd. I thought almost the same idea as Ioioluk’s… Something to do with armies teaming up with their enemies and whoever wins the tourney gets 1st on the top ten.. how weird xD


  8. Hmmm, Army of Pirates? Light Republic?


  9. Ice troops…… Army of Ice…. Ice Republic…… Ice Pirates……Water Warriors…….


  10. There was a tournament called Clash for Control during the Summer of 2011 that was similar to this. This could work as long as enough armies did it. I remember the Clash for Control wasn’t that big because there weren’t many armies that did it, and it lack many of the major armies in it. This could use a little tweaking, but overall it sounds like a pretty good idea. I especially like turning Mammoth into a warzone every Saturday.


  11. So basically this is exactly like the tournament in 2011 (I’m sure it was sometime then) where armies were assigned countries, given severs, and fought until there was only one country left standing.


  12. Light Army of CP. ACP and LT teaming up = good for the record books.


  13. Hmmmm… Good idea Ioio I think there should be a same one for SMAC or at least small/medium armies.I would love to see the old ways of Mammoth


  14. Fighting between Leaders


  15. In theory it works, but in reality we will have leaders fighting for control and huge arguments. An example from the last time we had an idea like this was IW and PCP I think. Pain and Alb were fighting for control and it was hell.


  16. It’s a great idea. It will help enemies treat each other with more respect and it will be good. So it’s like Capture The Flag just with CP servers?


  17. The idea was good, untill I heard there’s a final battle between the two armies that were teamed up. Let me easily explain why it will not work.

    Lets say you want that final battle to be fair, say, both armies have the same size. That way you must pick two armies that have the same size for each team. Eventually, you will end up with a team of 30 – 30 average sizes and one with 15 – 15. Yeah, I don’t feel like making a huge paragraph, enough said. Useless unless the “final battle” thing is removed.


  18. “so if army X has 4 servers but takes one from army Y, then army X has 5 servers.” SHIT? REALLY?


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