My Idea!

Burito: I added a poll at the bottom to get some easier answers by the way. Leave any tips or your thoughts in the comments as well please! Also, this idea isn’t meant to and wouldn’t interfere with Ioio’s. 

Hello CPAC Viewers! This post is mainly just for people to look at and give feed back. I wan’t to share an idea I have been having for quite a while. It involves all armies, from Small to World Power. The goal is simply to get us all rising, and get the community thriving again. I want us to attempt logging on one server together as a community. I think it would be really cool and help CP Players understand the world of armies. Read on for more information and some of the things I was thinking about.

So what would we do? Well, we could get all armies and soldiers, retired or active to go on an xat chat, with leaders as owners, and go on a server such as Sleet as armies together and have fun.


We have a choice between what we could do. We could go on as separate armies, fighting the armies we have in our room for a total fun free for all. I don’t believe I would actually focus on choosing as a leader, because I don’t think it would really matter. Or we could go on as one color and uniform and just try and get as big as possible. We could even go in multiple rooms trying to main time maximum size. Either one seems fun to me. The first one would be more of World War For Fun, while the second would simply be us trying to get our name out.

The Goal 

The goal of this, is just to get more people who play Club Penguin to learn about armies and recruit more members into our community. It would be especially fun because I believe we could try and organize and make sure there is no real competitiveness. I chose the server Sleet as an option, because typically people on that server understand what we mean when we say “LOOKZ UP MY ARMY ON GOOGOL!” and other recruiting phrases. It would not only be beneficial for us, but it sounds pretty fun. It also might help us get an idea of how many people we have in our community.

What do YOU think? 

I don’t want to try and set this up and find out no one really likes the idea. I want to find out if you guys approve of it or think it sounds cool. Then maybe some of the people here at CPAC and other army leaders could set it up together. Overall it would just be some fun for once after all this time of war and chaos between us all. A bit of a bonding experience eh? 😉

Let me know what you think in the comments below! I want to hear from you guys!

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  2. seconD! now to read it….




  4. Good idea. What i think, We should have a battle on Mammoth. Half of us UMA half ACP. We dont use XAT. The goal is to reenact the most legendary battle.


  5. Didn’t Iceyfeet try a plan like this a few months ago?


  6. Tell the guys with the big chairs and the Nixon bumper stickers to fix the RSS feeds. I’m tired of SWAT and a broken DW.


    • DW’s feed refuses to work for some reason; still can’t figure out why.


  7. Great idea! No rant comment needed.


  8. Are Nachos even dead yet? Just askin’.


  9. If you really give to craps clap your hands 🙂


  10. Like Elective Fair at school or career day :O


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