News: Interview with “Terrorist”

KLONDIKE — A short post today. When stalking around the various chats of Xat, I  met a user through several mutual friends.

NOTE: The following content is presented in it’s pure form and therefore lightly censored. Reader discretion is advised.

The user claimed to hail from the /b/ forum of the imageboard, 4chan. He stated that he would “destroy cp armies” through use of several methods. The following interview was taken during my interview with this user. They requested to remain anonymous.

(M = me, A = anonymous user)

M: So what do you plan on doing here?

A: Destroy the peng%&gs and their oh so precious armies.

M: How do you plan on doing that?

A: Bots, booting, all that shit that those f$%gots hate.

M: Why?

A: It’s f&$ing club penguin. How much g@%er can you get? It’s f%$#ing  stupid if you ask me. I want those little s$%& to stop polluting the internet.

M: Have any specific targets?

A: The ACP or whatever the hell they’re called. The one with all the f%&$ing noobs and s$%&. Not that it’s just them with the issue.

A: Can we stop this s&%$ so you can post this on your peng$%& site and scare the s$&# out of all the little peng$%#s?

M: When are you going to do this? Have any ties with the Purple Republic or Red Soviet Mafia?

A: As soon as you post this s&$#. Who the hell is the Red Soviet Mafia? I used bots for PR if it matters, @$$hole.

M: Thanks for your time.

A: F%&$ you too, post this s$%& now.


As we can tell from this post, this user wants total annihilation of all CP armies. He is expected to use PR methods to support his cause, bots being the primary part. They also show a certain disdain for the ACP? How do you feel about this, readers?


34 Responses

  1. Clearly just an angry 12 year old who wants attention


  2. we’re going to get H4XX3D by some /b/tard!!
    hardy har har


  3. Well…. Just being from 4chan means he’s likely just a troll. Remember it’s 4chan.


  4. Heres a story for you: I’m leading the TFFA (Tostitos Freedom Fighters Army) to have Pain and Ben taken out of ST and have legends un-banished.
    And Commando993 is letting Pain do whatever he wants.


    • Here’s a story for you: Nobody gives a f#@k. Also, to any CPAC admins- they plan on posting my address all over this website, they have ties with someone who’s on this site. I’d appreciate if you could stop them.


      • I’d appreciate it if you woke the f#@k up commando, Pain’s and ass and i swear to f#@king god ST will end up like the rest of Pains armies,
        and the leadership of ST is sh** too. anyone got a problem? Come at me!


  5. Obviously someone who’s already in our community, wanting a different angle for his ultimate goal of destroying ACP. Also, PR didn’t use bots, if you ever actually saw them in action you’d know that.


  6. Nothing’s going to happen.


  7. So he worked with PR? Now we know he isn’t serious.


  8. People from 4chan aren’t like that


    • + That guy’s such a pottymouth that you can’t really take him seriously, especially when he tries to stop the interview just so Shiver can post it faster and “scare the pengfaqs”, which is clearly all he wants.


  9. hahahahahahaha
    “polluting the internet”
    Since when do we pollute the internet? Pretty sure we are eco-friendly.


  10. blllllllllllllllllll *raspberry*


  11. GT is 100% green. We use hamster power to keep our army alive.


  12. What sickens me is why they have to have such stupid names. Terrorist? You’ve got your head up your own arse. The likely case is you’re an overweight 10 year old called Dave.




  14. …I think it’s human, how do we communicate with it?


  15. oh god its probably some idiot that wants attention
    thx for my daily lolz


  16. it must be camplazo3 under cover


  17. We got a L3TH4L H4X0R HERE!


  18. obviously not some pissed off loser who gets bullied at school


  19. How patronising.


  20. If IATW couldn’t take down armies, nobody can.


  21. So pitiful. I didn’t know bots can destroy an army.

    @The comments such as “L3TH4L H4X0R HERE”

    He never said he would use any form of hacking. He said he would use bots, as far as I know, using bots on Club Penguin is not hacking. He could program a script for the bots but, that is not hacking. If he was using something like Penguin Storm like back in the day, that’s another story, as it was a program which allowed penguins to use hacks to get coins.


    Back in the day, when IATW was around, WordPress was different. Todays day and age, WordPress has patched most common vulns. To this day there are still WordPress vulns, but they’re not as common as the old SQLi injections which would allow others to hack sites back then. It’s a whole different scenario.

    The most that has happened thus far was IATW, the 300+ leak, & hackings of multiple armies.

    Before I leave on that note,
    1) Used a proxy. Can’t get me
    2) Hacked this email. G0ML


  22. Anonymous User – Shiver in desperate need of a fake post


  23. lol


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