News: Army of Club Penguin and Shadow Troops Battle for Vanilla

VANILLA- Following ST’s declaration of war on ACP, the two armies battled for the server of Vanilla, resulting in an unsuprising result.

ACP have been reaching sizes of 25-30 prior to the battle while ST has reached sizes of 20+.  After a disappointing loss to ACP in an invasion of Abominable, ST went at it again to invade ACP’s server Vanilla.

Both armies appeared to average sizes of around 15 throughout the majority of the battle.  Each army also had a well display of tactics.   

Below, ACP does the E+L clover tactic while ST chants “Win” on the Ice Berg.

Below, ST does the E+P tactic while ACP chants “Where did they go” in the Town.

Following the events of the battle, both armies claimed victory on Vanilla.  ACP posted the following which was taken from the Club Penguin Army Council:

If clear victory is not determinable, the battle must continue until it becomes determinable, or until one army surrenders. If either army leaves the server before the battle has been clearly decided, it will be regarded as a physical surrender, and victory will be granted to their opponent.

In a comment made by Mchappy/Icey Cold27, he claimed that ACP won according to council rules.

If it is true that ST logged off first, ACP would be the winners of the battle due to the rule made by the council.

Comment with YOUR opinion on the battle.  Who do you think won?  Did ST lose for logging off early?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Associate Producer

16 Responses

  1. ST won. That’s a mere technicality. Council trying to dictate the way we play this game. It’s blatant BS. But then again im an ST troop soo. (shrug)


  2. That’s unfair that Mchappy no offense but he is a forms ACP Leader please get another council member to judge


  3. Well, it’s clear where CPAC has gone when the tag “News:” needs to be added to the post titles.


  4. It was clear victory for ST, ACP’s claim is invalid. We stayed on for beyond 30 minutes which was enough.


  5. Clearly ST perfectly was fine in the battle and ACP just is making excuses to not lose Vanilla


  6. Can we please get this rule removed or edited so that if they log off within 30 minutes, it’s a surrender; but if not, it should be decided by the council. There’s no need to force battles to go on for hours.


  7. Armies aren’t merchandise


  8. Everyone from ST immediately start cring when it’s said that the outcome is disputed, yet ACP don’t seem to be saying much here at all xD


  9. Man St won that


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