Alliance Brought to Attack the Light Troops

BERG — coming off from their sneaky invasions, Army Republic (click HERE for most recent sizes) plan on finishing up the war with an alliance.  Both armies claim to win many of the battles.  Light Troops (click HERE for most recent sizes) have yet to respond to the alliance’s invasions.

Three, possibly four, armies are in an alliance to aid AR in defeating the LT.  Not all guarantee to participate in the alliance, but the Assault Force (click HERE for most recent sizes) and Golden Troops (click HERE for most recent sizes) have posted invasions.  While AR and GT plan to attack LT at the same time, on the same day, the Australian army known as AF will be invading early morning Australian time.  Buritodaily, AR leader, seemed to be very optimistic about this alliance.  Here is what his post had to say,

I am incredibly excited as I make this post because this post incites the turning point of this war. We venture in, prepared to invade LT, not a lone, but with many others. No matter what happens in these battles, we are assured a win as the mighty Golden Troops will be invading on another server.

On GT’s site, there is word that the Army of Club Penguin will also pitch in for the cause.  AR never mentioned ACP in their alliance invasions, so it is unknown whether ACP will really be siding with the alliance.  Considering ACP is currently at war with the Shadow Troops, it is very doubtful that they would actually invade LT.

Recently, the Nachos and GT have made a brother alliance.  Tanman626, former Nacho leader, was given permission to form a brother alliance between the two orange empires.  In the post Tanman626 clearly states, “We always got each others back“, could this possibly mean that the Nachos are planning on entering the war as well?  Looking further into it, by going to the comment section of the post we see another former Nacho leader Chrisi Blue who could smell something was up. 

This can be found on the “Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Orange?” post.

Upon asking Tapdancer36 if Nachos were for sure going to help he said, “I don’t know what Nachos are doing, I know GT is coming in to help [AR].”  It sounds like the Nachos are currently undecided on what to do when it comes to helping their new brother ally.  Asking around, I found out that Puckley, Nacho leader, will be making the final call on things.  Right now, I can picture Nachos jumping on the bandwagon.  They have yet to find an army to challenge themselves in the recent weeks.

What is YOUR opinion?  Will the Nachos be joining the alliance against LT?  Will LT perhaps bring in their own alliance?  Let us know in the comments below!

~Vice President, Mchappy

28 Responses

  1. Seems like AR is trying to start another world war.


  2. inb4LTragers


  3. 1st, I hope 😉


  4. Mch forgot to comment?!


  5. BOOYAH! We have defeated Icey!


  6. Every time AR surrender, they only do it so they can get out of their own trap. Every time we negotiate a treaty, Burito goes, regrows AR and then break the treaty. It has happened over and over. That’s some of the reasons why LT dosen’t want to accept a surrender, because why would you accept a surrender from a lying, cheating idiot who can’t admit he broke a treaty and can’t do what it says if you broke it?


  7. First. No one called. HAHA MCH!


  8. AR can’t invade since they have no servers and they’re dead.


  9. But it’s spelt “Chrisi Blule” 😥


  10. Lol, Puck isn’t making the final call. The Nachos leaders are together. Puck does not have more power than Beeky and/or I. Equal power!


  11. Posting that comment was like asking for that kind of response…


  12. Puck has been makingthe final calls on most everything now days though ads. (insert wary here)


  13. The reason AR brought allies, is because the Ar leadership came to the LT leadership, giving our surrender. Ioioluk ignored it claiming he wanted to kill AR for good. We are doing what we need to do to stay a live, don’t see the injustice in that.


  14. Yeah sure, Puck can make the final call – after he consults all propositions with his fellow leadership cohorts.


  15. It is possible.
    For example if Pirates declare war on Assault Forces and DW declares war on GT.
    But then again it is highly unlikely.


  16. Lets hope we don’t have more to put up with, but I mean I haven’t heard of us getting allies…. yet


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