Pain Goes Crazy on Banning — Possible Rebellion — Could This Help ACP?

GREAT WHITE — for a while now, the Shadow Troops have had complications when Pain became their leader.  This has pissed off almost everyone in ST, causing a two-sided feud.

Pain clearly stating that virtual armies are more important than friendships.

Going into detail, Pain continues his theory on armies over friends.

Coff, a former ST leader, came with knowledge of a state of panic behind the lines at ST’s base.  The source of panic is due to Pain’s firing spree recently, causing chaos.  Currently Pain has been firing legends of older ST generations in order to create a new regime of soldiers.  He says it will help him in his conquest to become a world power leader.  The following have been fired:

  • Wolfenstien
  • Shad
  • Ziro
  • Coff
  • Vetsd
  • Dia Monte
  • Slimy102
  • Austin

A pretty large number of eight.  Another reason Pain gives for an excuse is his belief in all eight to be failures when leading ST.  However, Coff testifies saying that his generation lead ST to an amazing feat, number one in the top ten; even being in the top five multiple times in 2011.

A rare side of Pain we’ve never seen, being in a cool composure, explains his plans for the new ST regime.

Basically, the legends were fired because of the power they held and that possibly scared Pain.  However, on Pain’s side stands Commando993 (the reason he hasn’t been overthrown yet), who agreed with the excommunications because he believes ST can get to number one with the help of Pain.  Obviously some of the retirees took offense to that statement.

Originally, Pain was in ST in 2011 with Vetsd.  Vetsd believed he would benefit ST, but he only last two days until he was finally fired.  Throughout this course of the week, Pain went from ST third in command to Underground Mafias Army leader.  Pain left UMA because he got impeached by Daniel, UMA leader, so he went back to ST as third in command and became leader shortly.

Some of the banished ST are gathering to make a new army, possibly fueled by some hatred for Pain.  Pain strongly suggests to his remaining soldiers that its a rebellion only made to steal other loyal soldiers, meanwhile its just an army being planned soon.  Pain is trying to sabotage the army the legends are trying to start up, out to make a bad name for them.  The new armies name has not yet been decided.

Pain’s take on the new “rebellious” army forming.

Following the Army of Club Penguin‘s win, Pain made an encouraging post for all of his soldiers.  Mostly it was an apology for overreacting during the battle today.  It also pleaded for his soldiers to accept his harshness as it will own better the army in the end.

I know my past is questionable, and I know banishing legends makes me look bad, but I want whats best for us. They only want to manipulate you so they can get power and doom us again.

I admit I overreacted a bit tonight, and for this I apologize. Soon all ST will learn to love, and accept me for who I am at least thats what I want to happen. When you are asked to recruit, this is not a request, it is an order. You will be demoted for not doing so the same for battles you must log on or get demoted. The things I do may seem harsh[…]so please don’t judge me for what I do.

With their enemy having problems on the inside, they (ACP) might prove to win the next invasions.  This would give a moral boost to the army that had seemed to be beyond the point of return.  Many people have been disappointed in Pain’s executive decisions in the army and have tried to rally up people from other armies in order to rebel.  One of these rebellions included a reformation of the Tostitos, Pain’s old army.  The rebellion’s chat can be found HERE.  As one can see, it is easy to note that people are not extremely ecstatic about Pain being ST leader.

What is YOUR opinion?  Could the idea of a “newer” regime push ST to world power status?  Will the new army formed by the banished ST prove to actually be a rebellion?  Could the cracks being formed in ST help ACP tremendously in the war?  Let us know in the comments below!

~Vice President, Mchappy

19 Responses

  1. I’ve seen every bit of Pain, and most of the army community.


  2. FIRST ? :O


  3. 3rd! BOO YAH!


  4. I’m sensing déjà vu here. Has this happened to me before?


  5. Pain did the same to GT legends. GT legends don’t take well to being banned from the chat they wasted 2 years on. It ended with UMA nearly taking over and the death of GT. Pain may take control, but let’s be honest here. The rebels have a massive advantage just from the support they have from most armies.


  6. Ban Pain in the ass from CP armies. If all hes going to do is waste his 14 year old ass playing Clubpenguin, and beleive armies are over friends, then he has NO purpose to be here. tbh though, Pain will just leave ST in a matter of days, and move onto another victimed army.


  7. This isn’t the same commando-RPF-legend-army-God is it? Just checking


  8. Pain, you fired Wolfenstein, and then ask him why he won’t help us anymore?
    ~King Phooey, ST1ic


  9. Benefit the army > Corrupt Leadership


  10. Im the coolest one that got fired just for the record.

    Same failures that killed ST – Got 1st

    We need to be smart of how we rid Pain. It can’t just happen overnight. Its something that needs planning and consideration.

    First we need to create an economy that will be able to fund the war. We need to mine in the large gold fields, convince other armies to invest in the Stock Market so that the economy gets a boost. Then we need to get a land grant to mine on the Toboggan Oil mines so that our economy starts booming and soldiers will find it more desirable to have more money. Soon we must create an army and expose Pains evil ways of taking money from the troops while his troops are suffering! We must show his palace where wine flows faster than water! Thats my idea. Pro right?


  11. lol pain is nob


  12. Lord Pain should be banned from CP Armies. He ruins army he goes to! It’s only a matter of time before he ruins ST as well. He doesn’t have a clue how to lead a CP Army!


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