News: SWAT Goes Down — Pirates Secede From Council

MIGRATOR — The two heads of the Black Alliance make headlines on today’s edition of CPAC news.

NOTE: The ideas expressed in this post do not reflect those of CPAC or it’s staff

SWAT, shut down?

The SWAT’s recent success was a surprise for a re-created army, fighting fierce battles against the White Alliance in the recent Black Wars. They were a constant Top 5 army and were the main driving force between the need of the White Alliance to have to protect ACP. After a brief standoff, they surrendered due to the absence of their ally, the Dark Warriors. Afterwards, internal issues began to cause the army to crumble, forcing them into lockdown on January 29. A failed coup of SWAT owner Crazy also contribute to the crumbling of the SWAT’s government. Mired with corruption and inactivity, longtime SWAT leader Ganger90 has effectively shut down the army for a month, the date for the comeback set at March 1. The following excerpt was taken from the SWAT’s site.

From his words, we see Ganger is attempting to reboot the SWAT a fourth time. What will happen is unknown, only dependent on Ganger’s actions leading up to March.

Pirates Leave Council

The Army Council has held a firm grip on the community ever since the outbreak of the Black Wars. The Army of Club Penguin and the Pirates both respected the Council, but a recent proposal has left the former Black Alliance powerhouse enraged. The Pirates have followed the Underground Mafias Army and Dark Warriors and have seceded from the Council’s jurdistiction. The main idea that forced the Pirates out of the Council was the proposal of invasions only on weekends and raids on weekdays. Waterkid protested, as the Pirates are a predominant UK army and exclusively weekend battles would completely cripple the army. In his statement of disdain toward the council, Waterkid stated the Council was pro-White Alliance, going on to explain how the Council only pointed out issues in the Pirates and ignored their own, comparing his 3ic, Samsung’s IP lookup to a straight-up threat by a group of Ice Warriors. Furthering his point, Waterkid also pointed out how the Council attempted to ban the Pirates from armies due to their war with ACP. The following excerpt was taken from the Pirates site.

The threat of the Pirates being removed as an official army did not faze the Pirates leader, and has restarted his old site, CP Warfare News for currently unknown reasons.


12 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:


  2. Wasn’t surprising Water would leave.


  3. Some serious shiz is about to go down.


  4. Yeah.for “unknown reasons”


  5. So what if Pirates leave? They are dying off.


  6. Leave the council whenever they do something you don’t like
    I guess they’ll change their decision when you do that


  7. Well, I’m not fond of Waterkid, but he’s half right on this one. The Council should pretty much have three rules: 24 hour notification, no hacking, and unsolved battle disputes are solved by them (because who else is going to do it?). Most of the other rules suck or are already something most armies do without being told to.


  8. the council will fail withen 2 weeks armies are droping left and right including the largest cp army(DW)


  9. Hah, just like when hitler left the league of nations in 1933 cause no one wanted to disarm ^^


  10. SWAT dies off every time they get big.. I said it was going to happen again numerous times and nobody believed me. 🙂


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