Turmoil Sweeping the Army of Club Penguin

MAMMOTH – Turmoil is sweeping the upper ranks of the ACP as the dispute over Foldez and Galaxie’s ranks grows.

The chaos began on January 31st when controversial ACP Master General Galaxie3 was added to the site in order to post motivational speeches and the like. Immediately after his first post (seen below), a massive public outcry ensued.

[Excerpt from post by Galaxie3 – 1.31.13]

I’ve been added to the site to post results and also some positive posts ( please don’t be mad at me Snaily, you are still the Queen of Positiveness. Jkjk but you still are). So, what can I say about myself? I live in Maine (and I am not a lobster), I am 11 years old, I am in 6th grade, and I’m awesome!

I’ve realized that over the years, bullying has happened in the community. If someone is bullying you in the ACP chat, please tell an owner or moderator! The ACP, unlike many other armies, have stricter rules to try to make ACP as Kid-Friendly as possible. If I were a parent, I wouldn’t want my children to be in areas, online and offline, filled with harsh language. If you are a moderator, you are required to enforce these rules!

In the comments below, various current and former members of ACP sounded off about these developments.


A much larger outcry began a few days later, after Galaxie’s second post about New Recruits was harshly criticized by ACP 2ic Foldez.

[Excerpt from post by Galaxie3 – 2.1.13]

First of all, we need to give a warm welcoming to the new recruits. If your relatives who you haven’t seen in a long time comes to your house, a normal person would give them a warm welcoming. People have to remember that if a new recruit comes on chat, you have to be kind to the recruits and direct them. Being rude to a new recruit shall not be tolerated.

Second of all, you have to teach them right. Tell them to join ACPTR, so they will learn the basics of being a soldiers in this army. Remember, you are teaching the ACP’s future leaders! One wrong thing and you can be teaching the future leader to invade our own land!

Third of all, if anyone bullies the new recruit, go right away to the opponent! You first have to investigate. Sometimes the new recruit is only mad at the apparent “bully”, but you can resolve the issue in a way that no one is punished. The best way to make a recruit stay in the army is to treat it like your child.

In the comments, a small war began between Foldez and some of the other current and former members of ACP.

Former ACP Leader Slider made a post later on accusing Foldez and others of cyberbullying Galaxie, which quickly generated further controversy.

First off people have been harassing people like Galaxie. Before I go any further though I’d like to say that I’m not here to defend Galaxie. Actually I’m here to try to help ACP. When a recruit sees most of the comments on any post from ACP soldiers being comments to cyber bullying a poor autistic kid what do you think they’re going to do? Well if I was one of them I’d go looking for another army to join. It just proves how hostile these soldiers can be and although it’s not the entire army that’s cyber bullying people they’re some of our very high ranked soldiers which makes it even worse because they’re part of the face of the army and their actions reflect on us.

I’m not going to say Galaxie’s posts were good but the comments toward him on his posts and on chat were inexcusable especially when one of those people choosing to cyber bully him is our very own second in command Foldez. Just today people on chat ganged up on Galaxie and it took very many hushes and threats of banning to stop them. Watching this happen were a good amount of new recruits too. I wouldn’t blame them if they left and joined another army instead. What happens next? Noka comes on to cyber bully people he dislikes and he’s not even kicked for making Jewish stereotype jokes. You’re probably thinking that I’m overreacting but this kind of thing has gone on way too long.

Like I said this isn’t just having a negative effect on the victims of the cyber bullying (and it’s not just Galaxie who’s being harassed) it has a harmful effect on ACP. If you want to become number one again and gain the respect we used to have you have to make ACP a less hostile environment especially for noobs and younger soldiers and if we don’t we’ll continue to see drops in sizes. This kind of thing can’t go on at all if you want more recruits and soldiers to stay in ACP. Even if I get bad reactions from this post and people start to attack me at least I stood up for what I believe it and tried to help ACP even if you can’t realize that.

Foldez quickly condemned Slider’s post as “my first indirect hate post my hate trio really loves me.” Galaxie responded with the following statement.

As to Foldez, I believe she could have kept here thoughts to herself. As she was rounding up a bunch of insults towards me, here main goal was to provoke me and see what would happen. I made a completely normal post, talking about something what can improve our army. Continuing that, Foldez started threatening me on a link I posted on chat what we use in school for teen health what talks about common questions. Due to some topics talking about sex, Superoo and Foldez threatened me saying it was bad. I replied to them that it was about informing children but they quickly got up to the point of in the web link it said “teenagers” so they said because of that, I should be punished because it said “teenagers” and not “children”, therefore because some soldiers are under 13, it is unacceptable. Yesterday, continuing that post, Foldez wrote several hate comments rounding off in a fight between soldiers. I believe this is a great example on my post on how we need to have a warm heart to new recruits, but this shows that people like Foldez aren’t playing a good role model on them.
Foldez, you say that Slider is making a hate post, but this is all reasonable. This is not a hate post, you are the one who is hating.

As this tumultuous situation remains at a standstill, ACP waits and watches for the next move. A rift has quickly formed in the high ranks over the conflict, something the army certainly cannot afford right now due to frequent war and failing rebuilding efforts. The divide is quickly widening, but with most of the participants living in the UK, has stalemated for the night.

♣||»Sιя Bℓυєsσ¢кωa тнє 2η∂«||♣

CPA Central CEO

13 Responses

  1. *slow clap*


  2. lol @ Galaxie complaining that he got in trouble for linking a sex website; it’s sad that this is even newsworthy. Whose bright idea was it to put Galaxie on the ACP site anyway? It was just asking for controversy.


  3. Galaxie always likes stirring up a sh*tstorm.


  4. Cyber-bullying will always be around, no matter how much you try to stop it,


  5. Fire him. He’s already threatened to hack CPAC and considering how ACP is, he won’t do them any help. BA didn’t need to attack ACP, they’re dying out from idiots both running the place and on site.


  6. None of this is news worthy. Who cares if someone got added on a certain website? Too many posts about ACP anyway.


  7. Do you think Galaxie can really hack? And if he could I bet he would’ve done it already…


  8. Because you need a retarded idiot to post motivational speeches


  9. This was a pretty bad idea to add Galaxie to the ACP Site.


  10. My first CPAC mention one thing I’l thank gal for.
    I told him off for linking a sexual health site nothing more nothing less.
    I didn’t love his post but opinion is a human right -which he then said weren’t real-


  11. Once again, Swimmer has to get in the middle of another conflict before they start killing one another.


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