BREAKING NEWS: ACP Surrenders the War to DW


After a brutal week of defenses for the Army of Club Penguin, they have decided to surrender the war to DW.  There isn’t much word at this time, but basically the treaty sounds something like this:

  • DW gets all the servers the invaded, except for Breeze, which has been returned to ACP.  (Snow Fort, Avalanche, Alpine, Chinook & Cream Soda)
  • Neither army can invade or attack until April 20, 2013.
  • If either army breaks the treaty, the other army can choose 3 servers to take.

More info will be added when we hear more.


(Updated at 4:19 PM EST)

12 Responses

  1. Can’t everyone just leave ACP alone? That’s like attacking an unheard of army at the bottom of the top 10 when you’re at the top.


  2. We got ACP pretty good.


  3. Is this really news….


  4. I was only able to extend the treaty with DW to April which is a month more. I haggled for September 2013 but Saw got me down to April. (wary)


  5. So yeah making ACP surrender isn’t a big deal anymore.

    Just waiting for another army to declare war on ACP.
    Seems like the “Never – Ending War” has still not ended.


  6. acp admitted in their home post that DW was being bullies and how were making there army die… what a pathetic post. I mean really this isnt cyberbullying, its a game. Theres not real people just avators of penguins, so they shouldnt right a post saying WAAA u hurt our WAAA, and be big babies. Instead they should right, good war! Ihope we get you next time!


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