News: ACP And Council Clash — An ACP Trial — Council Meeting

UPDATE 2/2/2013 3:10 EST PM, added new details

UPDATE: 2/2/2013 3:26 EST PM, added court info

UPDATE: 2/2/2013 EST PM, added more court info

UPDATE: 2/2/2013 4:19 EST PM, added council meeting

BREEZE — The controversial outcome of the Battle of Mammoth has led ACP leader Kingfunks to new heights of rage.

Rage, ACP Style

The Pirates were ruled the victor in reclaiming former Black Alliance stronghold Mammoth by the Army Council. The defending side, the Army of Club Penguin, harshly denied they lost and demanded the Council change it’s mind. Bluesockwa2, CPAC CEO and Council member, denied to change the result and argued with Kingfunks about the result. Kingfunks, who was recently stripped of his CPAC board member’s position, has accused the Council and CPAC of being anti-ACP and claimed the Pirates won because of pre-battle performance. The retired members of ACP and Council members informed Funks that the decision would stick and there was no changing it. In a fit of rage, Kingfunks stated the ACP would not reinvade Mammoth as they still own it. Now, an interview with former Nachos leader Pie1530:

“Me: Who do you think won?

Pie: Pirates.

Me: How do you think Kingfunks is acting?

Pie: Like an immature brat, but I’m not going to single him out, all leaders do that now when they lose.”

Kingfunks refused any further comment and the ACP stands firm with it’s decision to ignore the Council’s decision. An unconfirmed report points towards ACP’s possible withdrawal from CPAC and the Council. As it stands, the Pirates successfully reclaimed Mammoth. This is a developing story that will be updated with any news pertaining to ACP-CPAC/Council relations.

Pictures of Incident

An ACP Trial

An unknown ACP owner has alledgedly given photos of an ACP meeting to DW leader Saw. Snaily and Obama, ACP owners, accused Foldez of the leak. Court is currently in session. The court session will be known as “ACPSIS v. Foldez.”  


UPDATE: After court continued:

At this point, court was adjourned. Another trial with Kingfunks is expected to be held.

CP Army Council Meets

As a result of the former Black Alliance’s use of multiple invasions a day, the Army Council has made a proposal to limit invasions to 5 a week, 3 being on weekends and 2 being on weekdays. The reasoning behind this is believed to be the inability of armies like ACP to respond to the triple threat that large superalliances posed. The idea has not been ratified and is currently being voted on. The bill is expected to cause the raid to become more viable in combat, due to the raid’s falling use from the establishment of WordPress and Xat bases. It is also expected to lower the frequency of massive conflicts such as the recent Black Wars. Pirates Captain Waterkid100 harshly criticized the idea and has threatened secession from the Council’s jurdistiction if the bill is paassed.

Secret invasions were first pioneered by the Nachos in the July War of 2012 in order to capture the ACP capital of Breeze. Several of these resulted in the capture of key ACP servers, with ACP being unaware about most of them except for one battle on Breeze where the Nachos and ACP clashed — at midnight EST. The secret invasion was successfully also used by the Nachos in the Black Wars to capture the SWAT capital of Mammoth. Recently, former Nacho 3ic and current AR soldier Yoangelyo remembered the idea from the Nachos and used it against the Light Troops, to which LT Leader Ioioluk harshly criticized. The Council believes these invasions to be unfair to the defending army and proposes to outlaw the idea. The bill is currently being voted on.

Pictures of Meeting


15 Responses

  1. Hi Sam




  3. I ❤ ACP! hehe i am in it


  4. “That CPAC was being Anti ACP”
    Oh what’s this! A post by Boomer that saved ACP, I wonder why he did that!?!?!


  5. CPAC being anti-ACP: Bullshit. Too much hatred from all armies to hate on just one army.

    Council being anti-ACP: Bullshit again. We gotta all be neutral and do what is best for armies. If this means we vote in Pirates favor in a battle because they did better, we will. Now Funks quit being a bitch already and do something before you become worse than Meat.


  6. except no one cares


  7. Oh look at my raging like a fool.


  8. Lmfao.
    CPAC isn’t Anti ACP, Boomer posted some brainwashing post to save ACP.


  9. “Kingfunks has accused the Council and CPAC of being anti-ACP and claimed the Pirates won because of pre-battle performance.”
    Funks used to be a good friend of mine. It sucks seeing now that he is an immature brat who thinks he’s above everyone. And about his comment, no he wouldn’t. He’d have to be a good person to deny a victory, a very good one at that, and he obviously proved otherwise with this tantrum. Kingfunks is upset because CPAC isn’t CPAC overran anymore, and is objective. I’ve never seen any sort of subjectivity out of Blue1 and Blue2, and they are very honest people. To see these claims made by Funks makes me upset, as he’s trying to take down an innocent person’s honor. Not only are his comments false, but they are completely stupid. To claim only the Blue Brothers were biased to ACP makes no sense because they themselves aren’t the only council members. With this rant by Funks, it proves that he is no better than Waterkid, or any other person who is as egocentric.
    Sorry for my rant, seeing this made me upset beyond belief.


  10. Kingfunks is just making farfetched claims to justify their loss. If this is what he calls motivational, no wonder why he threw Galaxie (assuming he did it, since he babies Galaxie) into the site.


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