122344a Retires From Army Republic

After initially retiring in October, AR leader 122344a had to return to the army to fight in the war against the Black Allaince.  What was the result of the retirement?  How will it effect AR as a whole?

On the second of February, 122344a posted his retirement post on the AR website.  He had previously planned on retiring on January 1, but his return to AR was extended.  The following if from the retirement post:

On October 7th, 2012 I had retired AR. Although due to the return of the Black Alliance in November I was called back to help the AR rise once more. I have done so, I promised I would be back from November 18th 2012- January 1st 2013. Although I have extended my visit but it has reached its max. Consider this my re-retirement. It is time for me to let go of holding AR’s hand, it’s time for you to make a new legacy. A legacy without me, and your extremely experienced leaders. Be grateful. 

As stated, he returned after retiring, but retired once more now that the war’s died down.  More information as it arrives.

Comment with YOUR opinion on the retirement?  How will it change AR?  Willl 12344a possibly have to return once more in the future? 

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Associate Producer

9 Responses

  1. A is like a period, comes every month.


  2. Lol rexeh i think that Ar is gonna keep growing its 1 less troop


  3. A is more indecisive than Brett Favre.


  4. Like

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