Global Defenders’ Elections


The Global Defenders, one of the very few (if not the only) armies that is an absolute democracy, are having elections for their President. Pungy1234 and Wyoskyguy, the most recent President and Vice President of the Global Defenders are running again, with a few other candidates testing their run for office. Several of them are currently making campaign posts on the Global Defenders’ website. Many expect another term from Pungy and Sky to occur, but other Presidential candidates are confident in their efforts. This should be an interesting race.

The Global Defenders

The Global Defenders were created by Pungy1234 on February 2nd, 2011, nearly two years ago to the day. They agreed on a name change to the Global Defenders eleven days after their creation. However, they did not transition into their current state of democracy until December 5th, 2012. Their current government is run by Pungy, their president, and Wyoskyguy, their vice president. However, it is election season for the army, and the Pungy/Sky ticket may not win. The official presidential and vice presidential candidates, respectively, are:

  • Pungy/Sky
  • Sky/Miz
  • Clyde/Mkll
  • Rookie/DPD

Campaign Posts

Of course, when there is an election, there will be campaigns. The Global Defenders’ site has had a few campaign posts, some really getting down to business and talking about the future of their army. Pungy and Rookie have yet to make their statements, but Sky and Clyde have already started their campaign looking to be en route to the Global Defender metaphorical office.

Clyde’s Presidential Campaign

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

This post will be a guide to my basic campaign. First off, my Vice President will be Mkll. Now let’s get to the boring stuff.

The first thing I would like to address is Global Coins, or now known as Terra. I’ve always lived the concept of Terra, and I really want to enforce them when I’m President. It adds a whole new aspect to this army. But for it to work we’re going to need someone in charge of it, like a treasurer.

Second, I’m going to really enforce some things that we were having trouble with. Mainly, events. Lately we’ve been having a good number of them, but that can’t be a one time thing. We should be averaging 2-3 events a week. I will make sure that happenes so this army can be more fun. Now that doesn’t mean you should make all of them, which brings me to my next topic.

If you miss an event, that’s perfectly okay. If you miss two, that’s fine. If you miss more than that (and don’t have a good excuse), you need to try harder. By good excuse I mean something like you were visiting family or something with school, or anything else important like that. If you just plainly forget every time, that’s not good. But every once and a while a slip up can be forgiven. I will take responsibility and make sure this does not happen.

Thirdly, Xat. I’m not talking about a dead chat, I really mean during events. An hour before an event we get great sizes and then it just goes dead. As president I will stricly enforce logging on for an event while on chat.

And finally, making this army more fun. This to me is the most important. This is part of the reason I support terra. I wouldn’t want to be in this army if it wasn’t fun, which is why I’m going to bring back some of the stuff that made this army so much fun. First off, the Globe Awards. In case you don’t know what they are, it’s an army-wide award show including best leader, funniest troop etc. This is a great way for troops to get recognization for their amazing participation. Next, chat events. These won’t be scheduled, but occuring if we have a decent amount of you on chat. Small events like power exchanges are pretty fun, and I will include them in the army.

If you vote for me, you will not regret it. You will be in a better army. You will not want to leave. You will have fun.

As you can see, Clyde is very confident in his abilities and in his chances to win the presidential race. He also lists many things he wants to enforce, which is a good start to a campaign.

Sky’s Presidential Campaign

Hey guys, current GD Vice here – and it’s time for me and my VP, which will be announced later in the post, to start campaigning.

My running mate, is Miz. Sure, he may not have been in GD the longest – but he has been active and has resigned from his other armies to be in GD. For the past couple weeks, I’ve been the Vice President of Global Defenders – And while you guys may not respect me, yet, I don’t care if you don’t respect me, don’t tell me that you don’t respect me. I don’t care, all I care about is that you are loyal to GD. So, if we win, then we shall be ready.

Our plan-

-Start a steady stream of unscheduled events, every day, or as close as possible. This will boost activeness and I’ll be able to see who can come to random events.

-Have active counts more often, in the past, I had Active counts 3 or 4 times a month, I like knowing who was active and who wasn’t.

-Demoting the inactive, promoting the active – We’ll still have Terra, although I’m terrible at keeping track of this stuff…

-Promoting activity – Hopefully we’ll have give aways- Where we ask random questions and you answer them for some xats.

So, let’s get on with some other things.

Wyoskyguy- I’m experianced – I’ve been in armies since early 2007 – and have lead as many armies as it’s probably possible. My most notable ones are the Rangers (Which made to the Top Ten Small #1 in about 2 months), CPEM (Which made to the Top Ten Medium #7 in about 2 months), and Pretzels (Which made Top Ten Medium #1 in about a month and a half). So I think I know what I’m doing.

Miz- I joined Armies in 2009. I started in the Ice Warriors, left for months and then went to SWAT- I left them and turned to small armies- I enjoyed them and soon I joined Shadow Troops and started gaining most of my experiance there. I was demoted by Vetsd who currently left leadership. I left in late November for a motn and a half and then came back and joined GD. I am loyal to the core to this army.

Sky and Miz decided for their campaign post, that they would describe themselves and their experiences and listing the things they would do should they get elected.


Pungy has not lost a presidential race since the installment of their democratic government. However, he may have a run for his money this time. Election time has came around yet again for the Global Defenders, and their army is all but over with campaigning. The troops are anticipating the release of the polls, and so are the nominees. All of the candidates have been clean to other’s campaign and sportsmanlike, no harm done yet to anyone in the running. Soon, voting will begin, and the Global Defenders will have a President, whether new or reinstated.

Thank you for reading,


10 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:


  2. Odd, this will prove most interesting.


  3. GD is alive?


  4. Considering there has only been one election in GD ever, and Pungy won it, “Pungy has not lost a presidential race since the installment of their democratic government” is kind of a weak statement.


  5. Sadly even though I never want Mkll to be any kind of high leader (idk why) I must say him and the president of his I think would do just fine


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