News: Black Wars Far From Over — Controversy About AR’s History — UMA

BREEZE — The Army of Club Penguin considers it’s options as the surging Dark Warriors challenge them for their servers. AR’s history is attacked by several critics. The UMA has another coup.

Unofficial Continuation of Black Wars

After defeating the Army of the Republic in a short, quiet war, the Dark Warriors look to expand their horizons. The closest ally of the Republic, the ACP, are now the targets for the rising army. Because of the lack of news, I am unable to report on the current state of the war. However, ACP Owner Swimmerboy made a statement to his fellow soldiers, giving them a choice to end the war and rebuild or avenge the AR by fighting them in war. Former ACP Leader Flipper pointed out the flaws in the post, stating the war was declared by the Dark Warriors so therefore the ACP have no obligation to pull out of the war without surrendering. The current status of the Black Alliance is unknown, though many suspect this war may have been orchestrated for Water to defeat ACP via proxy. This is largely unconfirmed at the moment, but developments of the rumors are soon to come in. Both sides show no intent to end the war early, but the ACP is known to hang tough and surrender very rarely and the DW are forgiving to their enemies, offering them peace after a one-sided war. Meanwhile, the reborn Light Troops are coming back with a bang, giving the Golden Troops a good fight in a previous war and bashing of the AR in this recent war. Their involvement in the BA is highly unlikely considering Ioioluk’s disdain toward the dead alliance.

Army of the Republic’s History, Fake?

Recently, DW Leader xiunknown made a claim debunking the history about the Army of the Republic. He claimed the army was NOT in fact created in 2007, but rather as late as 2010. ACP Leader Kingfunks denies the claim, stating the AR did not reach respectable size until 2010. Because there is little proof of this, it is unknown if the AR are incorrect about their history or not, due to the defacing of their previous site and no viable evidence dating anywhere before 2010. The AR maintain their position on their date of creation, stating they were a small army for three years. However, several veterans from 2008 claim they did not hear of the AR until 2009 or 2010, either due to their nonexistance or small size, similar to how Abercrombie falsified Hollister’s history, claiming they were created in 1922 when it was really in 2000 . Whatever the truth is, Unk raised an interesting question with his claim.

Viva la Revolucion

After UMA’s latest rebellion, another has surfaced. This time, Red Soviet Mafia Dictator Daniel undertook it with assistance of a contact inside. As a result, the RSM, which is heavily based on 4chan and Steam, will merge with the UMA. Daniel has also stated his intentions to create a communist government in UMA. The action was taken following several attempts on the army’s life when the previous site was compromised. Communism was installed to “reduce corruption that is plaguing every other army today.” It is unknown what the new, communist UMA will do next, but Daniel seeks to return them to prominence.

16 Responses

  1. I’ve been saying exactly what Unk is claiming to say for the past 6 months…


  2. My first memories of AR was in Early 2010 when they declared war on the ACP, but were so small that single ACP divisions (they were bigger back then admittedly) could handle them. My recollection is that they were also notoriously nooby, one of those tiny armies which can really get on a bigger armies nerves.

    If they had been big beforehand, you’d expect them to have a larger following of troops than that and would be considered less nooby.

    Anyway, this is just from my creaking memory, so it could easily be very wrong (it could be another army entirely).


  3. I created the BMA in August 2010, and NEVER saw the AR in any small/medium/large top 10’s until October, when they asked us for a PB. I am more than certain that AR was created in either late September, or early October, but definitively not 2007.


  4. Interesting


  5. I remember AR created in 2010, and the attacked ACP, but they were small and nooby. AR was definitively not created in 2007.


  6. I know nothing, but from what I’ve heard, AR could’ve well been created in 2010; maybe it was just a really nooby army between a group of friends back in 2007? That seems unlikely though, I’ll jump on the “AR History is wrong” bandwagon.

    Also, communism in armies? This should be interesting 😛


  7. I can only track back AR to 2010 too. But there is a possibility of it being a tiny army from 2007, due to the fact that well, most of the sites from back then are now gone and we had no centralized news system in place.


  8. If it helps, during my three month stay in ACP in summer 09, the first army I joined, I never heard of any army called Army Republic at all.


  9. This controversy has actually surfaced before, and yes, AR’s first appearance in the major army world was in late 2010, when they were in the bottom Top Ten and quickly fell out, most expecting never to see them again (and yes, as Twingy said, were notoriously nooby). However this does not mean they didn’t exist before, only that they weren’t large enough to generate any notice. And I worked for this site at the time, so it would be my job to know all of this.


  10. AR was definitely not created in 2007. If you’re going to use the word revolution, spell it right pls. Also, isn’t Daniel Eyes?


  11. 2010 = False Nuff’ Said. A could tell you the whole story.


  12. Can I help out here?

    AR first made a mark in armies when invading ACP on September 9, 2010. I had saw the user “bluejaysdontrulejk” make a comment about the invasion, so I had to post it. When I made the post there was lots of tension between “bluejaysdontrulejk” and I in the comment section. At the time of the post I had said, “Army of the Republic [..] been annoying ACP ever since they were made.” If I can recall, I had thought they were made not too long before they officially invaded it. In the comments, “bluejaysdontrulejk” claimed they were made on August 18, 2006. At the same time, they assured me that they were a major army with 258 active soldiers. You can find this post here:

    The results post was made (I did not take any CP pictures, but from what I can remember AR was nowhere to be found). In the comments on the result post “bluejaysdontrulejk” claimed that we had been at war for around four years by then. In the results post you can see a picture of Bart (pretty sure he got to AR leader in like 2011 or something) admitting defeat in a really gay ass, special effects picture. You can find this post here:

    Hope I helped! :mrgreen:


  13. no offense intended to eyes, even though he’s a friend of mine, I’ve never once seen the steam or anything on 4chan from the group. A simple google search would sh


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