Top Ten Armies: 1/27/13

As the war known as the “Six-Month War” begins to fall out of context, we here at CPAC bring you this week’s Top Ten Armies.

Top Ten Armies


1T. Dark Warriors [+1] [83.88]

1T. Army Republic [+1] [83.88]

3T. Ice Warriors [+1] [79.88]

3T. Nachos [+3] [79.88]

5. Golden Troops [+3] [78.88]

6. Light Troops [NEW!] [77.88]

7. Special Weapons and Tactics [-6] [76.75]

8. Army of CP [-3] [74.88]

9. Pirates [-2] [69.88]

10. Water Vikings [-1] [66.75]


Close to the Top Ten:

11T. Chaos [+1]

11T. Pretzels [-2]

13. Global Defenders [NEW!]

14. Fire Defenders [NEW!]

15. Metal Warriors [NEW!]

1T. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors return to the Number 1 Position after a pretty successful week. They first started by pulling out of the Black Alliance. After this, they had a few training sessions, including a UK Training Session with 20+. They then declared war on the Army Republic. They won their first battle with sizes of 25-30, then defeated them again on Toboggan with 30+. After AR surrendered the war, DW declared war on ACP. They have many invasions now scheduled.

1T. Army Republic: The Army Republic returns to first as well this week. Their first event was posted as a warning to the Black Alliance, which saw sizes of about 30. The following day, they entered the war with the Black Alliance, invading SWAT. Their Invasion of Mammoth had about 25+ show up. After SWAT left the Black Alliance, Dark Warriors declared war on AR. AR quickly surrendered the war, then went to war with the Light Troops. They have several defenses throughout this week.

3T. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors return to the Top 3 after a pretty good week. Their first event was a Practice Battle with the Nachos in which they tied, with sizes of about 25. They declared war on SWAT soon after, and at their Invasion of Fog, got sizes of 25-30. Their training session the next day saw sizes of 30+. Their last event, the Invasion of Migrator, had sizes of about 25. They have nothing planned yet this week, and it’s rumored that they may be getting involved in the DW vs. ACP war.

3T. Nachos: The Nachos return to the Top 3 as well after a great week. They had a PB with the Ice Warriors where they got about 20+, then had a “fiesta” with about 25. The next day, they invaded Snow Fort from SWAT with sizes of 25+. At the Invasion of Migrator with Ice Warriors and ACP, they maxed out at 30. They have a patrol scheduled for today.

5. Golden Troops: The GT are back in the Top 5 after a large improvement from last week. Their first event this week was an Unscheduled Recruiting Session with sizes of 15+. The next day they got 15-20 at another unscheduled event. The next day they pulled off 25+ at a recruiting session. The following day, Pirates Leader Max4830 actually defaced GT. This led to GT declaring war on the Pirates only to be met with by opposition from the Light Troops. That war quickly came to a mutual peace treaty. GT has a U-Lead Session scheduled for today.

6. Light Troops: The Light Troops return to the Top Ten right outside the Top Five after a great week to start a new generation. After a quick war with Chaos which the LT dominated in, they moved to defend their ally Pirates from the Golden Troops. Most events saw sizes of up to 25. After agreeing to a peace treaty, they had a practice battle with GT which they won. They got sizes of 25+. They declared war on the Army Republic, and have many invasions scheduled.

7. Special Weapons and Tactics: SWAT takes a large fall from the Number 1 spot to right out of the Top 5. They had a spectacular defense on Sunday with sizes of 30+, and had two others with 15-20 and 10+, respectively. A few days after this, SWAT announced their departure from the Black Alliance, and soon after, had the retirement of both Ganger90 and Spi. Ganger returned soon after. They didn’t have many other events this week. They currently have an active count in effect.

8. Army of CP: ACP fall from the Top Five to the lowest position they have ever been in in a Top Ten. They started by having some Invasions with their Austra-Asian Division, winning one and losing the other. After some other events, they got good sizes of 20+ on Alpine, then on Flippers. After many, MANY other battles, ACP finally had their final strike on the Pirates, going on Migrator with IW and Nachos with sizes of 15+. They now have a war with the Dark Warriors, and are debating whether to stay in or drop out.

9. Pirates: Pirates take a hit this week after a week filled with war cries. After many invasions and defenses from members of the White Alliance, they got some good sizes of 20+ to bad sizes of only 5. Their USA Leader, Ioioluk, retired, so he could recreate the Light Troops. They announced their leave from the Black Alliance, and moved on to invade some free land. They also declared war on the Metal Warriors, and now have many invasions for this week.

10. Water Vikings: Water Vikings shift down a spot after a week with okay sizes. After some owner changes, they had a training session with sizes of up to 18. They then had a UK Training Session with sizes of about 12, and after a bit of confusion, invaded Snow Board and now share it with the Light Troops. They had a Practice Battle with the Pretzels which they won, and had what was planned to be a practice battle with the Golden Troops, but they never showed. They have a recruiting session later today.

And so another week of exciting warfare draws to a close. With new wars starting and the possibility of the Black Alliance returning, what will next week bring us? We can only wait and see. This has been another edition of the CPAC Top Ten. Until next time,

Auf Wiedersehen,

Zak, CPAC Vice President

88 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:


  2. let the rage commence
    brace yourselves


  3. No, we don’t look very big. But it looks very close. At least we’re above Pirates.


  4. Can FD be considered in the top fifteen next time? Here’s a pic of us

    Site is


  5. Wut is life x0


  6. 8th place for ACP this week isn’t actually as bad as it sounds, considering how hard ACP’s been hit by 6 months of straight-up warfare and how close the sizes were this week, with spots 1-3 maxing 30+ and spot 8 20+.


  7. thumbs down swat goes from first to seventh


  8. The picture you used for the AR is the WHITE ALLIANCE, not AR, idiot.


  9. Austra-Asian ACP Division!




  11. check because DCP IS RISING AGAIN!


  12. Chaos hould of been 9th *un*


  13. If DW beat AR once or twice, why is AR tied with them? Other then that, no criticism from me.


  14. It’s very sad that these are what our tie for the 1st place armies look like.


  15. The pic of AR isn’t even AR
    it’s the whole WA combined.


  16. This is now the 2nd time in a matter of weeks that AR have been wrongly placed at 1st. If DW beat AR two times in a row, then we’re clearly better than them.


  17. How about the Hot Sauce Army we are rising


  18. That’s the WA.


  19. In AR’s defense. That event did take place on January 23, 2013. Which was the day all other IW did invade SWAT’s other servers. Although you may be free to ask Boomer, allies could be brought yes, although WA hasn’t dressed in white since the day they were made and they would need a 12 hour notice. They all just show up in their own uniform. Although those events did take place from 4:30 PST- 5:00 PST. While AR’s lasted about from 4:30 PST-5:20 PST. If this was WA however you would see a post on any army in the WA’s site that has an invasions scheduled for Mammoth On January 23, 2013. All only self defense to engender the production of further volatile comments.


  20. Okay, this goes to everyone. I’ve been getting a ton of BS about this Top Ten. Here’s what I think: I honestly do not care. You can rage all you want, but I will stand my ground. SIZES ARE AVERAGED. TACTICS ARE A LARGE QUANTITY OF THE POINT SYSTEM. Do you know how hard it is to make a Top Ten every week? You’re scared you will make a mistake, and people will get upset. There is no such thing as a perfect Top Ten. There are people who have been telling me “I like your top ten”, “Nice job”. They make it so much easier, and I thank you for it. You can’t give me BS unless you know my position. Mmk? tyvm.


  21. Good Top 10, Zack.


  22. DW FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. Dude Chaos got 17…


  24. AR’s pic – 21
    IW’s pic – 30
    Nachos’ pic – 19
    GT’s pic – 25
    LT’s pic – 24
    SWAT’s pic – 26
    ACP’s pic – 20
    CPPA’s pic – 18
    WV’s pic – 17

    Those rankings make no sense.


  25. Zak is just a scrub and doesn’t know how to make a top ten ❤


  26. I think it was good overall


  27. Water vikings should be tied or higher then pirates, the top ten was released before the event we got 25 so I understand, otherwise it’s a pretty good top ten


  28. Join Fire Defenders


  29. I think this was a fairly nice top ten.


  30. rage rage ragey rage


  31. All are good except AR should be way lower, that’s the whole WA. Good top ten other than that one fatal error. :p


  32. Guys i gotten us into World War VII CP Baybees vs CP Armies


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